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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Word has reached New Dawn of  a new gene editing technology that could have enormous potential applications for our people, especially when we man up and establish our own Ethno-State. It is known as CRISPR and is a technique whereby a piece of any organism's DNA can be cut and edited in much the same way as one would cut and edit film and splice it back together. It shows promise of curing various genetic heredity diseases. I can also be used to edit genes so that the changes it makes will be permanent and passed on to future generations.

Liberals, of course, are foaming at the mouth in opposition to this new technology and demanding it be banned before somebody makes "designer babies" or tries to create a purer race. ( I thought they did not believe in race-that it has no biological reality- that is was only a "social construct") What then will happen to their belief in innate human equality if genetic manipulation is used to make a better stain of humanity? How can there  better stains of humanity if we are all innately equal? My God, people might even have the technology now to remove foreign elements from the gene pool and create a pure Caucasian (or Native-American, or Asian, or Negro) race! Where then will equality be? Centuries of liberals sponsored racial assimilation wiped out by new technology!Oh, the horror! The inhumanity!

CRISPR can also be used to make crops immune to fungi or create a strain of mosquitoes with Malaria blocking genes passed down through their offspring. It could edit for desirable traits such as intelligence, height, or blue eyes. Some suspect it may be able to bring extinct species back to life. For instance, image if scientists had access to a Wholly Mammoth in which the carcass was intact because of freezing- and many have been found that way-. They could then copy the genes, implant it in the ovary of an African or Asian elephant after its own genes had been removed from the ovary and the elephant would then give birth to a pure Wholly Mammoth!

This means that even if our race is almost assimilated out of existence, or even if there were no pure whites left, we could still edit genes and remove non-European features and recreate a pure Caucasian race again from the mixed multitude!

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