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Saturday, August 13, 2016


I sometimes wonder about the political sanity of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Take a look at the billboards below they are posting nationwide. I had a friend who was an SCV member and they expelled him because the SPLC made  a lot of false accusations against him and the SCV did not even ask for his version of the events. My friend was clueless until he received a letter in the mail telling him that members in his unit filled out expulsion notices (talk about backstabbing bastards!) on him for alleged racism and hate speech. So the SCV takes the SPLC at their word? All the SPLC has to do is accuse the SCV of racism and they piss on themselves in fear and crawl on hand and knees to the SPLC begging to be absolved! That is unworthy of  the Confederate dead. It is an insult to their memory! You think they died to make America racially diverse?

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