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Monday, September 26, 2016


Consider the following facts;
  • Her husband was President of the United States
  • She was a Senator from New York
  • She was Secretary of State
  • She had direct control of these levers of power
  • She bragged about the brutal slaying of Qaddafi of Libya which created a vacuum into which Isis flowed
  • She has fed at the public trough for decades
  • She is highly critical of "White Privilege" and yet she is the living example of same having attended elite high schools and Ivy League universities and a partner in a major law firm and wife of the president of the United States. 
  • She is co-owner of one of the most corrupt Foundations in American history(the Clinton Global Initiative) which Charity Navigator ( a site that ranks charities for honesty and transparency) awarded  one star out of five-the lowest ranking possible. Fully 95% of money collected for charity goes for upkeep, salary, and speakers fees and only 5 % of money collected goes to charity. And we are talking billions here!
If she is so concerned about the problems America faces then why hasn't she lifted a finger through all her time in power to make it better? This cannot be blamed on George Bush. She was a major player in Obama's administration! If her husband's presidency was so great then why did the country change directions and elect Obama and not her? 

Sunday, September 11, 2016


In 1950 whites and blacks were  27.98% (W) and 8.97% (B) of the world's population. By 2060 blacks will be 25.38% of the global population with whites a mere 9.76%.  From 2010 on the white percentage of the global population will continue to decline while blacks will add1.2 billion people to Earth's population.

Friday, September 2, 2016



It is not because of "gun crime" instead it is a realization in the deepest, darkest, part of their psyche that someday people will get tired of their sh*t, their unnatural and psychotic ideology, that they have foisted upon the world which has debased religion, subverted tradition, destroyed families, wrecked nations, and made war upon all that is beautiful, natural, and orderly. Liberalism deals in unreality, a vision of the world that is unnatural and destined to lead to chaos, and it is that vision they impose upon the world. Whether through malevolence or incompetence wont matter it the long run as the end result will be the same-total devastation of all existing institutions! They enshrine a vision of humanity and equality outside of nature, tradition, divine theology,and natural law that has no historical basis which they insist on imposing on society-peacefully if possible, but violently if necessary. The salvation of our nation and people, and indeed all nations and peoples, can only be possible with the total evisceration of Liberalism. And that is really the reason why they fear an armed citizenry. Patriots know if you let liberalism run riot the end result is something akin to the French Revolution where all opponents are beheaded and all societal structures are destroyed- which is what they are trying to do now and having great success in doing so! Liberalism is like ISIS and Al Qaeda with out the religious fanaticism, determined to make the entire would live by their unnatural, and dare we say psychotic, ideology. It is less an ideology than a mental psychosis. The Democrat Party is the repository of that poisonous ideology but we kid ourselves if we think that ideology has not also seeped into the Republican Party and our Churches, and conservative institutions, and indeed all aspects of society, including the traditional nuclear family. How does one defeat a psychosis? Not by reason because reason does not work with those in the grip of a psychosis. They think they are sane and the rest of the world is insane. And that is exactly how Liberals think! One cannot reason with such people. One  quarantines themselves from such an ideology but always with the sober realization that one day this may come down to an actual shooting war because they are unable to stop as they are in the grip of a psychosis- which is why they want your guns now.