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Monday, September 26, 2016


Consider the following facts;
  • Her husband was President of the United States
  • She was a Senator from New York
  • She was Secretary of State
  • She had direct control of these levers of power
  • She bragged about the brutal slaying of Qaddafi of Libya which created a vacuum into which Isis flowed
  • She has fed at the public trough for decades
  • She is highly critical of "White Privilege" and yet she is the living example of same having attended elite high schools and Ivy League universities and a partner in a major law firm and wife of the president of the United States. 
  • She is co-owner of one of the most corrupt Foundations in American history(the Clinton Global Initiative) which Charity Navigator ( a site that ranks charities for honesty and transparency) awarded  one star out of five-the lowest ranking possible. Fully 95% of money collected for charity goes for upkeep, salary, and speakers fees and only 5 % of money collected goes to charity. And we are talking billions here!
If she is so concerned about the problems America faces then why hasn't she lifted a finger through all her time in power to make it better? This cannot be blamed on George Bush. She was a major player in Obama's administration! If her husband's presidency was so great then why did the country change directions and elect Obama and not her? 

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