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Sunday, October 2, 2016


I just finished a work of alternative history entitled Afrika Reich which takes place after the United Kingdom and the Greater German Reich have agreed to a cease fire after the slaughter of British troops at Dunkirk. (In our reality the British troops were not slaughtered but were spared and allowed to be evacuated back to England by Hitler in the hopes it would generate good will and empower the British peace movement and thus allow Hitler a free hand to pursue in implementing his Eastern policy.)

In this scenario Britain and Germany agree to divide Africa among themselves. The British get Egypt, Sudan,  Kenya, Rhodesia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and the Gold Coast. South Africa is neutral. Italy gets Libya, Abyssinia, and Somalia. Vichy France gets Algeria, Spain gets Morocco, and Portugal gets Angola and Mozambique.

Germany controls the rest of the continent and has established German West Africa as a place to relocate all blacks and is used as a reservoir for forced labor. Madagascar is used to resettle Jews from conquered provinces in Europe. In this version of history there are no gas chambers or a Holocaust.

Eventually the cease fire is broken by a psychotic SS officer and the world is plunged into a war once more that starts in Africa. The author is convinced that if Hitler has been victorious in the east his next conquest would have been Africa. He  sites numerous German documents to that effect. Hitler was ambivalent on the subject, at times he wanted his Germany colonies back that the treaty of Versailles had taken from Germany, and other times he renounced colonization in Africa in favor of establishing colonies in Eastern Europe. In this version it is Negroes more than Jews who bear the brunt of the Final Solution.

I really do believe that if Hitler had conquered the Soviet Union he would have had to spend decades, perhaps even a century, in pacifying the area as he  would have faced rogue Soviet and partisan squads that would have specialized in Al-Qaeda like tactics and then would have retreated back across the Urals( which would have been the borders of the German Reich) which separate Europe and Asia.

Instead in our reality Liberal Democracy- which in reality is rule by trans-national elites for the greater glory of globalism and free trade-supported black liberation movements and worked hand in hand with the Communists to deliver first Rhodesia, and now South Africa, into the hands of black radicals. The result is terrorism against the remaining whites as the West looks the other way, a policy that if not halted will lead to white extinction in both Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and South Africa. This is a crime of epic proportions but since it only concerns whites it is of little consequence in the eyes of globalists. After all, they desire a world in which whites are assimilated out of existence in favor of a pliable Afroeurasian global monoethnicity.

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