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Wednesday, November 9, 2016


The newest phenomena on Twitter is the hashtag  #NOT MY PRESIDENT. Last night major demonstrations erupted on college campuses in Blue state America with effigies of Donald Trump being burned . CNN commentator, and former member of the Community Party of the United States, (CPUSA) Van Jones said last night that a "Whitelash" has brought Donald Trump to power, meaning  a revolt of working and middle class whites. A friend overheard some Blacks in a restaurant talking about  how Donald Trump was going to make them move back to Africa and the LGBT community exhibited a truly psychotic manifestation when they claimed President Trump would send them to concentration camps in which they would be forced to be straight. (Or as they called it "Straight Camp.")

This is insane. Notice when Obama was president they eviscerated anybody who claimed Obama wasn't legitimate and stressed the need for unity. Now when the shoe is on the other foot they riot, burn, raise hell, and pillage something conservative whites did not do when Obama won.! This is truly the beginnings of a permanent blue state/red state divide. We might as well divide into separate countries. I have to confess I thought Hillary would win and win by huge margins. Perhaps the system doesn't have us whites as docile and brainwashed as they think yet!

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