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Saturday, November 19, 2016


Like most Americans I expected Donald Trump to lose. Apparently so did the Trump campaign because they were very sober in the early stages as voting returns came in. Most were looking down at the floor and  you could already see they had absorbed the media hype and expected defeat. Conversely, the Hillary campaign was jubilant with champagne , smiles, and high fives going all around. But as the night progressed Trump began his path to victory through the red states one by one just as cultural Marxists have advanced their ideology by going through the institutions one by one. There is nothing the system fears more than a white awakening among middle and working class whites and it precisely those factors that gave Trump the victory. The problem now is that whites will think the victory is won and go dormant again as they did after electing Ronald Reagan. Understand that while Trump may have won the election globalist elements still have a stranglehold on the United States and cannot be dislodged by any electoral process.

Still it was fun to see Hillary having a meltdown. She was deceptive to the end having John Podesta send her supporters home promising to reassemble them tomorrow and continue the fight. Instead as soon as they were gone she called Trump and capitulated. The media is reporting she blames FBI director Comey for her loss and Barrack Obama for not supporting her more. What has not been given wide publicity is that she had a massive fight with Bill Clinton after losing. She was in New York and Bill was at the Clinton Library in Little Rock in his exclusive roof top apartment. Apparently he blames the Hillary campaign for running a  poor election and not reaching out to rural whites who have been dispossessed because of free trade. Instead they concentrated on winning blue states and building that blue wall. Apparently the phone conversation became so heated Bill threw his cell phone off the building and towards the Arkansas river! Subsequent reports said she was drunk and insulted and assaulted staff, especially John Podesta and Robby Mook, (campaign manager) and had to be restrained.

The Lunatic Left took to the streets and set Twitter on fire with such slogans as # NOT MY PRESIDENT  and # YOUR VOTE WAS A HATE CRIME! By using the latter statement they are revealing their Communist roots. I suspect George Soros is funding them because reports are they are being bused in via charter buses so that it would appear to be a spontaneous outburst. I just don't believe all these leftist groups spring up out of no where with thousands of protesters and massive funding and organization. Think Occupy America. I can only hope they continue to riot, pillage, burn, loot, and battle the police. I can't think of anything that would unite red state America more solidly behind Trump! A massive number of celebrities have threatened to leave the U.S. if Trump was elected. All I can say is get the fu*k out now! Good riddance!

However, we need to be zealous because all those Republicans on the Never- Trump train are now crawling on hands and knees begging Trump for a position in his administration. These next four years will be contentious and I fear for Trump's safety. But regardless at best Trump may give us a few more years, the actual date at which whites are slated to become minority (2040) may be pushed back but I firmly believe things have progressed so far in the United States that only a secession of red states and their formation into a Free White Republic can save us. In other words the Ethno-State resolution is still the only solution! Trump may be the wind that precedes the storm but that storm must be a revitalized white awakening and the lighting of that storm  must be the formation of an Ethno-State or  the Trump campaign will be all for naught and the last gasp of white America on the North American continent!

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