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Sunday, November 27, 2016


By 2040 whites will be a minority in the U.S. The original date was 2061 but revised by the Census Bureau to 2050 and has now been revised again to 2040 due to non-white immigration and the differential birth rates between whites and non-whites in the United States.

I can understand why liberals want to do away  with the the electoral college and elect the President by popular vote alone. They know that when 2040 rolls around their multiracial coalition will not be able to derailed by America's shrinking white population. The left has always understood the Concept of the Political as delineated by Carl Schmitt far more than has the Retarded Right because the left is driven by a malevolent and psychotic ideology- a synthesis of the philosophies of Marx and Freud- known as cultural Marxism. (Look it up on You Tube)

But now I hear normal, politically sane, white Americans making the same demand.  Do they not realize if they do away with the electoral college  a few minority dominated blue cities and blue states will decide all? The problem is, unlike the Lunatic Left, the Retarded Right has no Concept of the Political (Once again look it up on You Tube or better yet read his book) and consequently their political understanding is so naive and unsophisticated as to border on political naivety, if not outright political retardation. Thus  do I call them the Retarded Right. Just for the record the United States was intended to be a Federal Republic not a Democracy whereby 51% of the electorate decides all. I say this because Senator Barbara Boxer of California is proposing a bill to abolish the electoral college and dive head first into the turbulent waters of unbridled democracy!

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