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Saturday, December 17, 2016


I sometimes wonder what is wrong with with the State of Minnesota. It is living proof that all whites are not equal! Like their kinsmen in Scandinavia they have welcomed Islamic migrants from Somalia with open arms into their state. During the days when South Africa was a white ruled nation it was the nations of Scandinavia that provided most of the finance to the African National Congress. Now news has surfaced that the entire Golden Gopher football team is prepared to boycott the Holiday Bowl on December 22nd in which they are slated to play Washington State.

It appears that ten football players have been accused of sexual assault on September 2nd at an off campus party. Some of the names that surfaced are Carlton Djam, Tamarian Johnson, Dior Johnson, Ray Buford, Jr. and KiAnte Hardin. I searched all of the players mentioned and I know it will come as a great shock to the readers of New Dawn  to learn they are all African-American! We can only wonder as to the ethnicity of the female involved. Dare we need ask?

Whites would do society a favor if they would boycott spectator sports on the collegiate and professional level. It has now become just another weapon in the arsenal of the enemy aimed at our destruction. You now have numerous white sports lemmings on ESPN that constantly pontificate about what blacks bring to the game and how boring it was when college teams were all white in the demonic days of segregation. Lee Corso is probably the main advocate of this lunacy. Well Mr Corso this is what blacks bring to the game! I do not recall any of this criminality happening when collegiate teams were all white! By patronizing collegiate and professional football whites are complicit in this behavior as your ticket prices make possible the outlandish salaries and adoration of the masses. Really your behavior borders on virtual Negro worship! The stands are overwhelmingly white and the players are overwhelmingly black.

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