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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


"Trump has appealed to white identity more explicitly than any national political figure sense George Wallace. But whereas Wallace was marginalized first within the Democratic Party, and then within national politics, Trump has been increasingly accommodated. Yes, Trump was often fiercely denounced by rivals and insiders in the earlier part of the campaign. But since effectively securing the nomination, that criticism has quieted. Trump is running not to be the president of all Americans, but the clan leader of white Americans. Those white Americans who responded to his message hear his abusive comments, not as evidence of his fitness for office, but as proof of his commitment to their tribe"   David Frum as quoted in The

Wow, where to start? I must confess when I first read this passage I wasn't beyond the first sentence when I wondered if this person was Jewish. I  detected an undercurrent of Semitic hate towards white Gentile society so I looked him up. Lo and behold my suspicions was correct, Frum is indeed Jewish as listed by the Jewish Virtual Library. I guess there is such as thing as  having "Jewdar" for those of us who are racially awakened and learned to decipher Parsel Tongue long ago.

How Dare Frum give whites hell for working for their own interests when Frum is a devout Zionist who works for the interests of the Jewish people 24/7! Jews already have their own Jewish Ethno-State. It is a government for Jews, by Jews, of Jews, and only Jews and it is called Israel. I have no problem with that. I believe in the concept of an Ethno-State for all peoples that so desire it. My problem is with Jews who advocate open borders and multiracial diversity, not to mention homosexuality and miscegenation,  for white nations and conduct a war against Christmas and other Western traditions and yet insist upon their own exclusivity when it comes to their people and nation. Frum despises tribal, or identity politics, among whites but works night and day for his tribe and identity politics among Jews.

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