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Monday, January 16, 2017


It is indeed ironic that in this unnatural and degenerate age in which we live some of the best political thought can no longer be found in political journals or in politically themed radio talks shows or television media presentations but among science fiction novels.

Science fiction has always been cutting edge in its portrayal of future dystopias and utopias. One example will suffice followed by others in future posts. One of my favorite science fiction writers is Ben Bova. He is the only one who has the ability to write as well as Author C. Clarke. I knew Clarke's politics- decidedly left- but I could not get a grasp on whether Bova was Liberal or Conservative. Imagine my surprise when I was reading The Best of Ben Bova, Volume 1 when I came across the following gem in his introduction to the story Blood of Tyrants;

"The subject matter was something that I had been mulling over for a few years, the idea our society is breeding barbarians in the decaying ghettos of our major cities, and sooner or later these barbarians are going to declare war against the civilization that produced them."

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