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Saturday, February 25, 2017


1. Connecticut- the black population increased by 13.3 % while the Hispanic  population increased by 49.5% and the Asians population by 64.3 % while the white population decreased by 3.50%

2. Maine- the black population increased by 135.3% the  Hispanic population by 80.9 % and the Asian population by 49.1% but the white population by a mere 1.95%.

3. Massachusetts-  the black population increased by 23.0%, the Hispanic population by 46.3%, the Asian population by 46.7% the white population decreased by 4.10%.

4. Georgia- the black population increased by 24.8%  while the white population increased by 5.5%.

5. Florida- the black population increased by 25.9.%,  whereas the white population increased by 4.0%

6. Texas- the Hispanic population increased by 41.8% while the white population grew by 4.2%

 7. New Mexico- The Hispanic population increased by 24.5% while the white population increased by 2.4%

8.California- the Hispanic population increased by 27.7% while the white population decreased by 5.45%

9. Indiana- the black population increased by 15.1% while the Hispanic population also increased by 15.1% while the white population increased by 1.28%

10. Illinois- the black population decreased by 1.25% while the Hispanic population increased by 32.4% and the white population decreased by 3.04%

11. Michigan -The black population decreased by 1.30% the Hispanic population increased by 34.7% and the Asian population increased by 34.8% and the white population decreased by 3.03%

Now regarding states that had a white increase the stats are as follows;
Idaho- 15.5%
Nevada- 12.2%
South Carolina 11.7%
Wyoming 10.2%
North Carolina 10.2%
Colorado 9.92%
Utah- 16.6%

Source- the United States Census Bureau as quoted by Billy Roper in his book THE BALK- What does it mean and what will it mean to America's future?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

We Are America ft. John Cena | Love Has No Labels | Ad Council

This is not patriotism this is Globalism. Note the different races in the background! Patriotism- from the word Latin Pater denoting Father. Thus is its original sense loyalty to a kindred stock. What Cena  is espousing is the negation of true patriotism!~

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Secession cannot be done legally!

What is legality? The United States was born of secession and although the Confederate States failed in their effort does in no way negate the concept. Secession has been used quite effectively in the world outside of its American construct. Self-determination for our people is not something that outsiders, those not of our ethnos, should be allowed to vote on anyway.  The tyranny of a brainwashed apathetic, or hostile, majority should have no say so on the destiny and sovereignty of our people. It is an irony of history that Abraham Lincoln used force, bloodshed, and violence to crush Southern secession and yet the Soviet Union, without a doubt the most evil, genocidal, and malevolent government in history, allowed its departing republics to go in peace and did not raise an army to crush their efforts towards self-determination as did Lincoln.. So I ask you in retrospect; which nation was the greater tyranny in that regard?

Monday, February 6, 2017


Secession is against the Constitution!

Sorry to disappoint you but the Constitution no longer works. If truth but told it hasn't worked in decades.  A few examples will suffice. It has done nothing to get rid of politicians who violate it with impunity. When  was the last time a president got removed from office via the entire impeachment process? The answer is never. When has the Constitution stopped presidents from going to war without a declaration of war? It hasn't.  Why does it stand idle and allow the national government to dictate marriage and educational policy for all fifty states? The tyranny is such that the Obama administration actually dictated restroom policy to all public school systems in all 50 states as regard access of transgendered students to the restroom of their choice. Need I remind you education and marriage requirements were reserved to the states under the reserved powers clause. What did the Constitution do to stop the executive branch for flooding the nation with unvetted immigrants or keep multinational corporations, and the trans-nationalist elites who control them, from infiltrating the United States and turning it into a globalist occupied government. (GOG) The system is so bad now that government has become dominated by a hostile insider elite who cannot be dislodged through the regular electoral process as Donald Trump will soon find out. Thus there can be no change of the "American system" without the system retaliating as they recently did when a Federal judge put on injunction on Trump's travel ban to the United States from selected Islamic nations. In that regard it should be obvious that in such a system the possibilities are only a bloody civil war or peaceful secession. New Dawn hopes for secession.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Secession is undemocratic!

When did self-determination become undemocratic?  What is really undemocratic is forcing politically conservative or racially conscious whites to remain a part of the United States, to pay its taxes and send its sons, and now its daughters, to die in its constant international interventionist escapees which do nothing but advance the system's anti-white globalist agenda. Anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government!

Saturday, February 4, 2017


Secession is not practical.

According to who? The globalist cartel that dominates America? The Lunatic Left or the Retarded Right? Secession may be a political oddity now but I can promise you in the decades to come it will become a serious concern. Have no doubt in that regard because America's incompetence and its love of diversity will make it so. Want to bet on what the political landscape will look like in fifty years or so after whites have reached minority status?

Friday, February 3, 2017


Secession is un-American!

That begs the question of what constitutes America. This is no longer the nation as envisioned by our Founding Fathers but instead has become an economic cartel dominated by trans-nationalist elites with visions of world government dancing in their heads. Prior to the grossly misnamed Civil War most Americans if given a choice between only one or the other would have chosen liberty over union. In post-Lincoln America maintaining the union has become more important than liberty. America has always been a nation in search of itself.  Is it a free and voluntarily association of sovereign states or a consolidated union? Or is the United States an authentic and organic nation with a core racial nucleus that the rest of the nation revolves around?  Or is a artificial "Propositional Nation"  with open borders founded on a universal egalitarian ideology? America has been all of these things and none of these things at one time another in its existence. Always seeking and yet never finding the stability and purpose it requires.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Red states receive more in benefits from the United States than they pay in taxes. Therefore it would be economic suicide for red states to secede!

Stats are meaningless in the United States unless they are broken down by race. How many of these federal benefits are social welfare programs that benefit non-whites disproportionately in terms of their ratio to the population as regard percentages? How many of these federal handouts go to multinational corporations, international banking institutions, Universities, or gargantuan agribusiness entities owned by corporate America? Let us not pretend the majority of these funds go to regular working and middle class whites! They don't! The question above is the same reasoning used by British loyalists to oppose the secession of the American colonies, that the United States ( or as it was known at the time as "these united States of America")  would fail economically as an independent nation because the colonies were tied too closely to the British economic system. ( Or as the British said at the time- "The American chicks will be picked off one by one without the British hawk to protect them.")