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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Red states receive more in benefits from the United States than they pay in taxes. Therefore it would be economic suicide for red states to secede!

Stats are meaningless in the United States unless they are broken down by race. How many of these federal benefits are social welfare programs that benefit non-whites disproportionately in terms of their ratio to the population as regard percentages? How many of these federal handouts go to multinational corporations, international banking institutions, Universities, or gargantuan agribusiness entities owned by corporate America? Let us not pretend the majority of these funds go to regular working and middle class whites! They don't! The question above is the same reasoning used by British loyalists to oppose the secession of the American colonies, that the United States ( or as it was known at the time as "these united States of America")  would fail economically as an independent nation because the colonies were tied too closely to the British economic system. ( Or as the British said at the time- "The American chicks will be picked off one by one without the British hawk to protect them.")

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