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Monday, February 6, 2017


Secession is against the Constitution!

Sorry to disappoint you but the Constitution no longer works. If truth but told it hasn't worked in decades.  A few examples will suffice. It has done nothing to get rid of politicians who violate it with impunity. When  was the last time a president got removed from office via the entire impeachment process? The answer is never. When has the Constitution stopped presidents from going to war without a declaration of war? It hasn't.  Why does it stand idle and allow the national government to dictate marriage and educational policy for all fifty states? The tyranny is such that the Obama administration actually dictated restroom policy to all public school systems in all 50 states as regard access of transgendered students to the restroom of their choice. Need I remind you education and marriage requirements were reserved to the states under the reserved powers clause. What did the Constitution do to stop the executive branch for flooding the nation with unvetted immigrants or keep multinational corporations, and the trans-nationalist elites who control them, from infiltrating the United States and turning it into a globalist occupied government. (GOG) The system is so bad now that government has become dominated by a hostile insider elite who cannot be dislodged through the regular electoral process as Donald Trump will soon find out. Thus there can be no change of the "American system" without the system retaliating as they recently did when a Federal judge put on injunction on Trump's travel ban to the United States from selected Islamic nations. In that regard it should be obvious that in such a system the possibilities are only a bloody civil war or peaceful secession. New Dawn hopes for secession.

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