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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Secession cannot be done legally!

What is legality? The United States was born of secession and although the Confederate States failed in their effort does in no way negate the concept. Secession has been used quite effectively in the world outside of its American construct. Self-determination for our people is not something that outsiders, those not of our ethnos, should be allowed to vote on anyway.  The tyranny of a brainwashed apathetic, or hostile, majority should have no say so on the destiny and sovereignty of our people. It is an irony of history that Abraham Lincoln used force, bloodshed, and violence to crush Southern secession and yet the Soviet Union, without a doubt the most evil, genocidal, and malevolent government in history, allowed its departing republics to go in peace and did not raise an army to crush their efforts towards self-determination as did Lincoln.. So I ask you in retrospect; which nation was the greater tyranny in that regard?

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