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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Monoethnicity refers to the plans of Globalists whereby "racism" is ended by assimilating all the races of humanity into one coffee & cream colored planetary ethnicity. Afroeurasian seems to be the name of choice for this new blended race.

No less a publican than National Geographic projected various examples of what this future amalgamation of races will look like. One is plainly an Euro-Asian mix which may eventually be the face of Eastern Europe and Russia.  Another mixture relates to those nations with a substantial amount of Negro genes. ( I can't in good conscience use the term "African-American" as that implies everybody in Africa is black and that is clearly not the case as North Africa is majority Arabic)

Remember the policy of New Dawn in that regard; those who would advocate the assimilation of all the races of humanity into one planetary Afroeurasian monoethnicity are just as evil, and just as psychotic, as those demented individuals or groups which advocate the physical extermination of every race but their own. Both extremes are form of genocide and both extremes actually destroy true bio-diversity upon which human evolution is dependent which liberals claim to love. The difference is the first ideology is universally praised and advocated whereas the other is universally condemned.

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