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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


So how does Modern Utopia- that is to say the World State- deal with crime and other dysfunctional  behavior?

 Modern Utopia boldly proclaims that every human being shall live in a state of reasonable physical and mental comfort without the reproduction of inferior types.(In other words not everyone is allowed to have children)

The better  sort of people, so far as they can be distinguished, must have the fullest freedom of public service and the fullest opportunity of parentage. And it must be open to every man to prove himself worthy of ascendency. ( So some form of meritocracy open to all, or at least those allowed to reproduce, with no limits on the amount of children the elite- what Brave New World called the World Controllers- may have)

Some people, Modern Utopia admits, must be in the descendant stage, the rest of humanity must be engaged in eliminating  them; there is no escaping from that and conversely the people of exceptional quality must be ascendent. There is no organized extermination program in Modern Utopia but some people are not allowed to have children so in time that particular strain will disappear.

 Modern Utopia mandates that every citizen must be properly housed, well nourished and in good health, reasonably clean and clothed.

In Modern Utopia 7 misdemeanors equals a felony and three felonies equals exile. There is no capital punishment in Modern Utopia. The government prides itself on being as merciful and deliberate as it is powerful and decisive.

First offenders and all those under 25 will receive remedial treatment and defective citizens will be schooled. I suppose this means being taught a marketable skill or receiving counseling or rehabilitation.

There is no death penalty in Modern Utopia. Extreme crimes result in exile to a particular island- I suppose that is their version of Alcatraz.

Increases and decreases in population are powers delegated only to Modern Utopia- by which they mean the World State-They decide which human strains should be subsidized and which human strains should be suppressed as regards births

The underlying assumption of Modern Utopia is that Classical Liberalism was wrong to assume big government was necessarily bad government or the idea that the more powerful the government was the worst it was for the individual. But,Modern Utopia argues, let us consider the fact that government is not necessary bad and the individual is not always virtuous.

As you may have noticed Modern Utopia is a somewhat benevolent form of Globalism unlike the type that has a vise grip on the United States and Europe whereby they want to eliminate the native European or white stock and replace them with non-whites. They want diversity to keep society divided so they can exploit the natural divisions in humanity as a way to maintain their power. Divide and conquer in other words. Unlike Modern Utopia they do not subsidize the superior and curtail the inferior but instead penalize the predictive and elevate the parasitic!

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