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Saturday, June 3, 2017


Probably one of the earliest advocates of a World State- that is to say one world government- is none other than science fiction writer HG Wells. He is what was known as a Fabian Socialist and had a soft spot for Communism.(Although he hated Adolf Hitler and National Socialism) Indeed he even went to the USSR to do an in depth interview with Joseph Stalin which can still be found in some corners of the internet. Have you noticed you cannot find any of his books that promoted his one world philosophy? You can find all the rest of his books at mainstream book stores but never A Modern Utopia or The Shape of Things to Come or The New World Order. Apparently Wells is the one who invented that term a long time before President Bush (Bush the Elder) begin using it in speeches. If you hear a Globalist speak they often quote Well's directly although the people are not aware of this. In posts to come I intend to enlighten you as regards these rather obscure, but oh so influential, books.

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