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Thursday, September 21, 2017


" Culture is exclusive. There is no way  that a culture can be maintained  if its boundaries are not sharp and clear. If there is a human right that is inalienable, then it is a person's ( or a community's)  right of preference  for one's own. The right of differentiation always stands against the pressure for equality."

Jaap Marais white Afrikaner Nationalist politician (1994)

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


"The eternity of modernity  is built upon the false notion that the source of mankind's ills are located in differences- differences in race, culture, creed, gender, etc. If these can be obliterated  through a phony revolutionary myth which places all blame on class warfare, hierarchy, gender warfare, etc., then the false gospel of humanism believes it can erect some distant utopia. This is all a lie, of course, and Trump represents perhaps the last barrier to that mythology- a mythology ironically funded and supported by corporate and financial internationalists...

" The world and the mainstream media are confused and generally unable to read Trump- they can't figure out what is happening. That is because the establishment mythos is breaking and the egalitarian left are realizing  what we in the traditional camp have said all along-humans looks to leaders and hierarchy, they don't operate as rational, atomic units.

"Trump represents post-modernism in a good way, in the way of a possible return to Tradition, and that is what is causing the confused mob of brainwashed liberals to panic. It is a daily demonstration to them that their anthropology and worldview are false."

"Men will rediscover Tradition, the Bible, Orthodox Christianity and patriarchy and they will find that is what makes them strong- and that all forms of liberalism-especially classical liberalism-leads to techno-nihilism and death."

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


And all this time I thought all the looters in Houston during Hurricane Irma were black. Little did I know those looting all the shoe stores were white at least according to the media. AKA Lugenpresse!