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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


The last thing we need is for the two most powerful white majority nations, namely Russia and the United States, to go to war over Syria. If that were to happen you have handed the future to the Chinese. A war between Russia and America will actually hasten white extinction.

Donald Trump is not in control of his presidency. He is not playing any kind of 4D chess. Instead political insiders are running circles around him and making a fool out of him! Did he not campaign on the policy of keeping America out of Syria? Did he not claim Hillary Clinton would start World War II with Russia over Syria and yet here we are as Trump prepares to do the same. At what point does red state America abandon him? Even Tucker Carlson and Anne Coulter have serious doubts that Russia or Syria is responsible for the chemical attacks.

During the Bush dynasty a position paper entitled A Clean Break: Securing the Realm was put out by Neo-conservative elements calling for regime change in Iraq (done) Libya (done) Iran (coming soon) and Syria ( in progress). The end result of regime change in Iraq  and Libya was to create a power vacuum into which al-Qaeda and ISIS flowed, festered, recruited, and replicated. How does the United States think it will be any different this time? Are we now the air force of al-Qaeda and ISIS since it was a rebel camp ( AKA ISIS or al-Qaeda) that was  chemically attacked. So we are going to war to defend them? The same elements responsible for 911 and the twin towers attack? Are we really the United States or the Insane States of America?

Do you not find it strange that Trump announced troops were leaving Syria and suddenly there is a poison gas attacks that now necessitates we not only must stay but become more heavily involved? I am not buying the hype! Who benefits from this attack? Certainly not Assad or Syria! It is seriously time to think of red state secession and the formation of a Heartland Republic based on traditional American values including no war without a declaration of war and no foreign entanglements with others. To hell with Neo-conservatives and the Retarded Right!

What is patriotism in the first place? It is from the Latin word Pater denoting father. Thus in its original and most pristine sense loyalty to a kindred stock. What Thomas Jefferson called "Consanguinity" in the Declaration of Independence.What we have in the United States is a form of pseudo-patriotism that does nothing but advance the globalist agenda of a hostile trans-nationalist elite that has a stranglehold over the United States.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


That may seem like a stupid, perhaps even an insensitive question, but the government wants to know! They commissioned a study in 2011 and spent over 3 million dollars since then aimed at understanding why 3/4 of all lesbians are fat or even morbidly obese and yet male homosexuals are not. The report wonders why Gay males have a greater desire for toned muscles and fashionable dress whereas lesbians seem to lack fashion consciousness and self-esteem. And all this time you thought the United States could not possibly become any more insane than it already is! This nation, if indeed a nation it can be called, is in the grip of a political psychosis called liberalism which does to a nation what AIDS does to a body.

Suggested topics for possible study may include why water is wet or why fire burns or if Astronomers were insensitive or homophobic when they named a planet Uranus.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


Trump received 63% of the white male vote and 52% of the white female vote. Mitt Romney would have won 41 out of 50 states and 501 electoral votes if only white males could vote. By contrast, Barrack Obama would have gotten only 37 electoral votes! May the Reconstruction Congress rot in Hell for killing the Founding Father's idea of nationhood and a strictly regulated franchise by adopting the 14th Amendment which changed America from an English speaking white majority nation with a regulated franchise into a multiracial democracy with open borders and a universal and unregulated franchise.  A nation that tries to be all things to all peoples end up being nothing to nobody.

What is liberal democracy? A hypocritical system which is neither truly liberal or truly democratic. In reality it is merely the fa├žade behind which a malevolent and hostile trans-nationalist elite rules for the good of globalism. Consider them as a form of reverse Oz. In the original Oz a projection of an all powerful wizard was projected to the people but in reality it was all an illusion by a mild and meek mannered man who used imagery to solidify his power. The America Oz is much worse. They project visions of peace, freedom, justice, and the American way  but look behind the curtain and you find an  evil and malevolent globalist cabal dedicated to building a New World Order as a prequel to a World State in which they envision themselves as the world controllers of said state. A state in which there are no borders with mandated free trade for all as well as one blended Afroeurasian monoethnicity which will populate this proposed World State. By free trade and  the erasure of borders they have negated any threat to the World State from nationalism and by endeavoring to create one universal planetary coffee and cream colored race they have eliminated "racism" by eliminating identifiable races.

The goal of globalism; one planetary Afroeurasian monoethnicity.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


The United States is no longer the fattest nation. That honor now belongs to Qatar where half of the adults and one-third of the children are obese.  By contrast only a third of Americans are considered obese. Qatar, of course, is one of the richest nations in the world thanks to white Western technology which made their oil boom possible. The average income in Qatar is 400,000 per family and apparently all their citizens do is sit around all day and watch TV and eat junk food.

As New Dawn has noted before different races have different rates of obesity and blacks and Hispanics have higher rates of obesity that do whites or Asians. Thus all stats on obesity in the United States are meaningless if not broken down by race. Such is not the case in Qatar where the overwhelmingly majority are Arabic.  I would hate to see what Wal Mart shoppers look like in Qatar!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I would point out that we kid ourselves if we conclude that race or ethnicity has no validity and does not exist. A good forensic scientist can tell the race of a person who dies thousands of years ago by analyzing nothing but tooth or bone fragments.

Race certainly has some aspects that are socially, and not biologically, constructed but in its entirety race is not a social construct. Instead it is society that is a racial construct because different societies and nations exist and the societies they create is a reflection of their DNA. Compare Iceland and the Ivory Coast, Germany and Ghana, Canada and China.

Doctors and medical researchers know different medicines effect different ethnic groups in different ways. How can this be possible if racial differences are only skin deep?

All dogs are capable of interbreeding as are all humans. Many take this as proof positive of innate biological equality. But we do indeed kind ourselves if we believe all dogs are the same. Would you rather be in a fence with a Doberman or a Labrador Retriever.

No serious animal breeder, whether it be rabbits, cows, pigs, cats, dogs, or horses, seriously believes that all  breeds are the same merely because they can interbreed.

And the two girls above are fraternal twins not identical twins which negates their argument as fraternal twins could indeed have separate fathers depending on how close their conception was.