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Monday, July 17, 2017

Change for the Better with Consumer Cellular

So, that's the change for the better? White grandparents raising the racially mixed offspring of their whorish daughters?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


" Lasting happiness is not possible in this world. What we should strive for is a heroic passage through life. A more enduring sense of inner contentment, a higher form of joy results when we champion a noble idea greater than ourselves."

Monday, July 3, 2017


Every year in Modern Utopia a local governing body selects a building to be destroyed by local plebiscite and the State pays the owner compensation as a way of removing eyesores or architecture that offends aesthetic standards.

Nobody is illiterate in Modern Utopia. Everybody has had educational or vocational training. Nor does one see anybody who is fat or bald as genetic standards for reproduction has eliminated this from the gene pool.  *

**Railroad tracks in Modern Utopia are twice the width of earthly tracks. ( which are 4 feet, 8.5 inches based on the space between the wheels of ancient Roman chariots,)

* If homosexuality is truly genetic as its supporters claim one wonders if some future white Ethno-State could eliminate from the gene pool just as Modern Utopia has eliminated blandness and obesity.

** Interestingly in the Greater German Reich railroad gauge was larger than the American gauge with plans -never realized- to build a series of super trains with rail gauge being 9 feet in width!One of the problems in Operation Barbarossa was that Soviet and German rial gauges were not compatible.

Friday, June 23, 2017


Modern Utopia considers it humane to prevent the birth of those who would suffer and fail

Reproduction is restricted to those who have shown merit and responsibility and are free of transmissible diseases and criminal tendencies

If those who do not qualify have children the State will seize the child and the couple will be responsible for all expenses in raising the child ( or children) but without any rights of custody. If you impregnate a second time or you have passed on possible  diseases or imbecility steps will be taken to ensure you and your partner never reproduce again.

The State pays the mother a wage to help raise her children and makes motherhood a profession and forbids individuals from employing married women or mothers with children.

Childbearing and rearing of children is no longer an individual concern but becomes a community concern.

It is the duty of the State to secure good births and good conditions and ensure that marriage should not be taken lightly because all the community has an interest in raising healthy and productive citizens.

Women must be at least 21 and men at least 26 or 27 before marriage is permitted.

Those who communicate their desire to marry must undergo mandatory background and genetic testing.

A child is viewed by the State as the future of the species and the State becomes involved as the guardian of interests beyond the individual family.

If a wife is unfaithful and produces a child that is not her husband's the marriage is terminated.

A childless marriage expires after so many years allowing the wife and husband to find another mate.

Group marriage or polygamy is allowed as long as they produce offspring and pass all the prerequisite tests. Couplings  just for the sake of sex and promiscutity without children are forbidden.