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Friday, September 21, 2018


"Our job as Jewish Communists is to take the lead in educating the Jewish masses on the meaning of white supremacy and to enroll the Jewish community in an all out fight against it. This is paramount in our work in the struggle for negro rights"
Jewish Life, June 1950 issue.

Thanks to documents now declassified under the Freedom Of Information Acts, we now have access to transcripts of those decoded transmissions termed "Verona" by W.W. II U.S. Amy code breakers. These decrypted transmissions have allowed experts to identity many of the thousands of Soviet spies who traitorously served Soviet Communism, often from powerful positions in the federal government during World War II and its aftermath. The vast majority were Jews.

Prominent examples from within the upper echelons of FDR's Treasury Department, alone, include Harry Dexter White ( Soviet code name "Jurist) Solomon Adler ("Sacs) Harold Glasser ("Ruble" ) Frank Coe ("Peak") and Sonia Gold (Zhenia)

The ACLU was initially established as the National Civil Liberties Bureau (NCLB) in 1917 to defend communist party members caught spying for Moscow.  The name change to ACLU was necessary because its earlier incarnation of NCLB had such an obvious Soviet pedigree, that its close relationship with Moscow had to be camouflaged.

Source: Citizens Informer
P.O. Box 250
Potosi, Mo. 63664-0250
Vol.51, No.6 (Jul-Sep 2018)

Thursday, September 20, 2018


In fact, Obama's scholastic life became both positively bizarre and extraordinarily expensive as he was whisked across the country to attend ( we are told) Columbia University, though no one ever remembers seeing him there. Afterwards, he was admitted to Harvard Law school, where he was inexplicably installed as Editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review.

 Along with these mystical educational machinations, there are also the considerable number of Obama's Social Security cards to explain away, which some sources number at seven and others nine.  The one most used has been proved to have belonged to a French-born American citizen who died in Hawaii at a time when Obama's grandmother was employed by the Hawaii State Government collecting the documents of deceased visitors. Undoubtedly, Grandma-recognizing that young Barrack was without a Social Security number-decided to provide one, with the compliments of a deceased tourist who no longer needed it.

The problem with Obama was/is not Obama. Neither is it those who fraudulently put him in office for which he was neither eligible nor suitable. The real problem is the fact that our entire political system knew or at least suspected that this man was a change-agent and a plant of domestic and foreign enemies, but none of them did or said anything! Even the Clintons-and a worse group of felons cannot be found-could not stop the Obama Political Juggernaut!

The reaction we see in the media, the government and the establishment against Trump is what we should have seen against Obama, but that never happened.  Irrespective of whether Obama was placed in office thanks to the effort of George Soros, or the Saudis, or the communists, or New World Order types in academia, or the media, or the "Deep State", or the alphabet bureaucracy, or our Political Class, the election of 2016 blew their cover forever.

Source-The Citizens Informer. July-September, 2018. Pages 14-15.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


It gradually dawned on many of us that our dispossession will occur not only through a steady redistribution of our tax-revenues to have-nots, but also through a numerical displacement that will strip away our right to self-determination as we become just one of many minorities in this country.

And all of these and similar factors will eventually coalesce to place us under a headstone with an epitaph that by all rights should read "America: From Invincible to Extinct, in a Single Human Lifespan."

This brings us to the most unspeakable truths of all, ones that were inconceivable to us just a few decades ago. First, is the ominous truth that we have already imported our fate: Huge swaths of America are already long gone, and the momentum of her disappearance can be slowed, but nothing else.

Secondly, a related truth:Whatever we may have hoped, we are beyond any feasibly optimistic dream aspiring to assimilation and coexistence. While we as a people frolic like the Eloi in the sunlight, we nonetheless are staring down an immutable future of dispossession and endless ethnic and political conflict, an America in which multiple adversarial groups will by vying for resources and political clout.

We will have deliberately directed ourselves into places where only defeats and destruction await us. And in contemplating such a future-one we did not ask for and did not deserve to inherit as our curse-we are left hugging what appears to be the safest, most ominous and troubling conclusion of all: that nothing short of radicalism and militancy can now save us.

Source: Citizens Informer, July-September 2018. Volume 51, Number 3. Pages 12-13
P.O. Box 250. Potosi, MO. 63664-0250 (Highly recommended reading!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


For most meaningful purposes, whites will lose their right of self-determination as a Third World majority emerges and unites to govern with traitorous whites.  The American nation-state and culture will become incoherent, chaotic, and unrecognizable, and the nation-state of the Founding stock will soon thereafter enter its deaths throes.

Most of this destruction will have been achieved on behalf of corporate whores, who have sought cheap labor, and liberals, who have sought to expand the voter base of the Democratic/Socialist Party.

Much of it will also have been achieved by virtue of a mistaken and convoluted morality which deemed it necessary. A tenet often bleated by the open borders crowd is its demand that we respect the common humanity we share with all other humans on our planet. Somehow, this "moral imperative" of the left excludes our own right to nationhood, even as it is demanded for all other people on earth.

We are not denying the common humanity we share with all other human beings when we have a collective identity as the descendants of the Europeans who founded and built America. Nor are we denying it when we demand that we preserve a recognizable culture and be free from persecution. It is through human nature, itself, that we desire and demand these things, since all other nations and groups are acknowledged to have a right to these things.

From the article BURY MY CULTURE WITH ME by Thomas Conway as it appeared in the July-September issue of the Citizens Informer ( Volume 51, No. 3) on pages 8-10.
Citizens Informer
P.O. Box 250
Potosi, Mo. 62364-0250

Monday, September 17, 2018


 The cumulative effect of all these conditions is that we now have experienced almost a lifetime in which the descendants of America's founders have been marginalized, discriminated against, ignored or battered, but with very  few protectors coming to their defense.

 Many current social justice remedies, initially intended to solve historical and codified discrimination, are now absurdly legitimized through appeals to a new pagan god called "Diversity." This new deity wears its own mask, one that only in very recent times has been perceived as concealing another entity, one more accurately characterized as "Extinction."

From the article BURY MY CULTURE WITH ME by Thomas Conway.The Citizens Informer, Vol. 51, No. 3, Jul-Sep 2018, page 8.

The Citizens Informer
P.O. Box 250
Potosi, Mo.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Forced Multiculturalism Makes Nazis

It is no secret that New Dawn has coined the term "Lunatic Left" to illustrate the fact that modern liberalism is as psychotic as it is malevolent.  Liberals are beside themselves with rage because President Trump had the nerve to lecture Europeans for allowing unlimited immigration into the European Union even going so far as to warn them that they will lose their culture if this continues. The Southern Poverty Law Center accused Trump of taking a page right out of the white supremacist/white nationalist playbook. Paul Kramer, a Vanderbilt historian, claimed that Trump's comments were a deliberate attempt to ally himself with the far right in Europe.Claire Massey, a scholar at the Institute for British and North American Studies at Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald, Germany said Trump's rhetoric is similar to that of neo-Nazis in Germany and Poland.

 No matter how you cut it modern liberalism has a subterranean current of anti-white racism flowing through its veins just beneath the surface. That current has now erupted in  the light of day for all to see. With that in mind consider the following video listed below.

Thursday, July 5, 2018


Pathological Altruism is a termed coined by Dr. Keven McDonald who is a retired professor of Psychology at California State University at Long Beach. The term refers to the fact that in some white people, especially liberals, altruism becomes maladjusted and overrides common sense and rationalism. An example from the Arkansas Democrat Gazette will suffice. Since the writer printed his name and it was circulated statewide there are no copyright provisions or privacy concerns.

What does white America owe to blacks? We owe them everything we have. We owe them the reality of not being judged by color. Oh, there will still be plenty of judgement, don't worry about that. We owe them the reality of being hated, loved, rejected, and accepted for all the other petty reasons, but not color. We owe them the right to fail for the same reason we do.

Imagine your white life with a weight, not around your neck, but a weight you carry in your bones. In your reality the earth's gravity is doubled. You can't see or understand it, it makes no sense, but it is there, always. You will get used to it. You can ignore it at times. There is nothing you can do to get away from it. You can only hope it will be lifted in death. 

No one in my entire life has assumed that I somehow represent an entire worldwide complexion of humans. White people don't lump whites together as lazy or criminally inclined. We owe them the respect of people whose families were bought and sold, brutalized, were and are murdered and continue to be oppressed because of their color, and yet they built the South, they serve our nation, yet it is not blacks who want to secede from us. We do not live with a fear of law enforcement, the stress of being weighted down by bigoted systems from birth, or the group rage that is their reality. We owe them that. 

Black lives matter. What matters are the lives they lead. Can they live the lives they want to lead, the lives they are capable of living, for the same reasons, with the same obstacles and possibilities as whites? We owe them. We owe it to our race, the human race. 

                                                  Mark Eastburn
                                                  Eureka Springs.

PS: Why is it that white liberals who love diversity always live in majority whites areas? A case in point is Eureka Springs which is almost all white. Should not Mr. Eastburn demonstrate his commitment to diversity and inclusion by moving to a city in Arkansas that is majority black? Say Pine Bluff or Helena?