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Monday, June 30, 2014

Do you know this girl?

She was found in a Gypsy Camp in central Greece. There was evidence that her natural blond hair had been dyed brown. Of course we know it is an old wives tale, and the height of European racism, to accuse the Roma (Gypsies) of child stealing.And yet her DNA does not match that of her Roma parents who claim it is their child. All of Europe is ablaze at the outrage as the politically correct powers that be try to stamp out the flames before it becomes a raging inferno. She has been removed from the Roma camp as experts in Interpol try to match her DNA against a data bank of missing children.

What? You mean you have not heard that on the news? Gee, I wonder why? Now let a Jewish child be kidnapped by Palestinians
living in a refugee camp as they attempt to pass it off as one of their own and see what happens. I can promise you it will be nightly news worldwide for weeks upon weeks.

American Deviance.

Just when you think America can not get any more insane along comes one Toby Sheldon, 33, who is obsessed with looking like Justin Bieber. So much so that he has spent over 100,000 dollars in plastic surgery in an attempt to look just like him. Body modifications include having his hairline lowered, his chin reduced, and most recently having the corners of his mouth fixed in a permanent smile (Isn't that what happened to the Joker?) His next operation includes a nose job and jaw reduction. It seems there is no end to American deviance. What person in their right mind would not what to separate from this toxic culture? It is like a never ending carnival of the insane. Stop the ride! I wanna  get off! Its already made me sick as a dog!

America Foreign Policy.

To what shall I compare America foreign policy? It reminds me of nothing so much as a drunken redneck that staggers from bar to bar picking out the weakest of patrons and imagining some imaginary slight in his deranged mind the drunken redneck then proceeds to beat the living hell out of said patron. When he is finished he leaves the chaos behind for others to deal with and advances to the next bar and repeats the same behavior. In time he makes the rounds again and starts the whole sordid process all over. However, he has now earned the ire of the rest of the patrons by his constant drunken psychotic behavior, a behavior with no rhyme or reason that any rational person can detect, and sooner or later they will gang up on said drunk and beat the hell out of him, and ambush him in the parking lot and shoot him dead.



Unsustainable and non-viable!

Medicaid,  Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, child nutrition, and veterans compensation now consume an amazing 63% of the federal budget.   Mitt Romney has admitted in a secret meeting that 47% of the American population are on the government dole.They are, of course, going to vote for the candidate who promises not only not to touch their entitlements but to expand it! That, however, is not the reason Romney lost. He lost because he ran a lackluster campaign that was stiff as wood. He was more robot than human. When he should have attacked unmercifully he was instead praising Obama's virtues  as a good father and role model. He deliberately pulled his punches on the debate. I suspect he did this on the advice of his campaign managers so he wouldn't be seen as dominating Obama because that could be seen as racism in some corners of society. He was so damned scared of being called a racist, and the Democrats knew that, that one suspected he lived in mortal fear and that is no way to run a campaign.

I would also point out that the entitlements above left out all the various subsidies that government gives to multinational corporations even as they work night and day to outsource industry in order to export cheap labor and magazine profits. Such a system is non-viable and unsustainable and is bound to collapse. And even more importantly unworthy of our support or tax dollars.

Come out from among them all ye my people and be thou separate and apart!

Secession is the last resort against government tyranny!


Sunday, June 29, 2014


Is humanity motivated more by emotionalism or reasoning? The answer will have major implications for any movement in North America dedicated to white racial preservation. Psychologists have a term called motivated reasoning which refers to the idea that humans are primarily motivated by emotionalism, not rationalism, which causes us to engage in what psychologists refer to as confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias suggests that we start with what we believe to be true (And remember what people perceive to be true is often more powerful than actual truth)  and then look for evidence that supports our hopes, and screen out that which does not. That explains why the liberal left is so enamored of their belief in innate human equality and a coming  globalist socialist utopia. Perhaps the best example is Nancy Pelosi who recently journeyed to the Southern border and  had a transcendental experience. All the invading children, she said, were a spark of the divine and instead of engaging in hateful rhetoric of border enforcement and repatriation of illegal immigrants we should see it as a divine experience, one that we should embrace!

If all humans have that divine spark in equal nature then why have nations? Why divide humanity? Let us rip up all borders and have free flow of people on a global basis.(Ironically that is also what the Libertarian idiots believe) That, or course, will spell the death knell of Western civilization. It is indeed scary that somebody that out of touch with reality should be in such a position of power. That is something you would expect of a religious cultist.

Least one thinks that applies only to the lunatic left the reactionary rights has its own shibboleths.  They really think the United States is the one nation that will endure for ever and somehow, someway, is immune to the cyclical nature of history.They still think America is Mayberry RFD or the world of Happy Days or the Brady Bunch!

What this means is perhaps the racialist right might spend less time talking about IQ scores and differential crime rates and more about the nightmare world that awaits our descendants of we do nothing. I know Christians hope for the Rapture but Christ said to "Occupy until I come." That is in the realm of a military command. That implies hostile forces will be trying to besiege Christendom. He did not say do nothing, ascend to a hill, lift you hands towards heaven, and await you deliverance via rapture.The Church Triumphant has become the Church Anemic.

Should Christians Support Israel?

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The president Brazil has asked the National Congress to pass a law mandating that twenty percent of public jobs be earmarked for black Brazilians. About half of Brazilians are mixed race or black. (Are you listening white America? That is your destiny if you remain in the good ole U.S. of A! That 50% mixed portion will be the offspring of your daughters and granddaughters because you were too cowardly to take a stand!)

As it stands now the black population of Brazil of about 100 million is larger than any other country but Nigeria and almost all are the descendants of slaves. Brazil was the largest recipient of slaves from Africa (Not North America like liberals and blacks seem to think) and the last country in the Americas to abolish slavery in 1888.

Brazil is living proof that a nations size does not determine strength. It also proves that multiracial diversity is not a strength but a weakness. Is Japan any weaker because it is monoracial? It certainly is smaller than Brazil and nowhere near as diverse. If size and diversity constitute a strength than why is Brazil so weak and chaotic and Japan so orderly and productive? Indeed any white person who has walked the streets of Brazil can tell you the vast majority of its citizens are RU- Racially Unidentifiable and the nation is dominated by a tiny wealthy Plutocratic white elite who live in gated communities. That is America's future! Get off the USS Titanic before it carries you to the bottom with her!

Friday, June 27, 2014


 Slut shaming is a behavior feminists adopt towards other females who dress provocatively and are sexually aggressive.Said females are usually much more attractive than their angry feminist counterparts. Heretofore it was believed that males, not females, did most of the slut shaming. Canadian researchers did a study whereby they placed female students in a room then secretly monitored them when an attractive female entered. The woman drew little notice form the other females as long as she was dressed normally but when she wore a tight fitting, low cut blouse, she elicited very hostile reactions from nearly all the subjects AFTER she left the room. Examples included eye rolling,insults, and shouts of what the F*ck was that! Surprisingly the study found that females are more critical, and likely to discriminate against other women, that males are. This has enormous implications for society and the workplace and undermine feminist ideology!

University of Ottawa psychologist Tracy Vaillancourt believes there is an evolutionary rationale for why women want to police female sexuality. "Sex is coveted by men" she claims, "women who make sex too readily available compromise the power-holding position of the group" Studies sow that women are most aggressive towards other women during the years when they're are competition for males;the hostility fades as they get older.


  Annie Dookhan  was a black female Massachusetts crime lab chemist who has been sentenced to three to five years in prison. She pleaded guilty to 27 counts of tampering with evidence, perjury,and obstruction of justice.In hundreds, perhaps even thousands of cases, she cut corners on the chemical testing of drug samples. She would test only a fraction of samples and then declare them all as testing positive for illegal drugs. More than 300 drug convictions have now been put on hold. Massachusetts officials believe this is only the tip of the iceberg and that potentially over 40,000 cases could have been affected. Dookhan also pleaded guilty to lying about having a master's degree in chemistry.

Of course there are racial elements to this that the media chose to ignore. Did Dookhan get her job because of affirmative action? Did you get a student loan that was available only to black females? Since Massachusetts is overwhelmingly white, if insanely liberal, how many of those affected were white?

Let us now reverse the situation and make the chemist a white male in a majority black city who has been convicted of lying about drug testing of a majority black base resulting in over 300 drug convictions of blacks, with possibly even 40,000 more pending. Would they be an uproar among the black community? Would not the FBI and the Justice Department  be there with boots on the ground? Would not Obama have to make a statement? Would not media specials have to investigate the lingering white racism still prevalent in America?


That seems to be the new term in vogue by Neo-conservatives to denote their fellow travelers. The implication being those who do not believe in their ideology are childlike in comparison and certainly not politically awake. Neo-Conservatives are usually referred to by their media bestowed acronym of Neo-Cons. In reality they ought to be called Neo-Cohens in light of the common Jewish composition all of them share having originated from the field of leftist Trotskyite organizations.(Leon Trotsky founded the Red army and wanted to export the Communist revolution worldwide whereas his rival Joseph Stalin wanted a period of peaceful coexistence so that revolutionary gains could be solidified and the Soviet Union built up into an industrial power. After Lenin died Stalin took over, Trotsky fled the Soviet Union, and was later killed in Mexico by Stalin's agents. Trotsky was Jewish) They have merely traded Marxism for globalism but kept the concept of a worldwide revolution. To Neocons war is always the best option,whether the enemy is Iran, Syria,China, or Russia. It is forever 1938 and a new Hitler is always on the scene. Constant war with constant enemies, that is the hallmark of the Neo-conservative. Let them not hide within the folds of the patriotic and traditionalist right because that is not where they belong. They are leftist, posting as rightists, fighting not for America but for a globalist order dominated by liberal capitalism and enforced by the usually Judeo-liberal combination of Zionist Jews and liberal whites.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Bellevue College in Washington state now offers applicants seven different options for their gender; " feminine, masculine, androgynous, transgender, gender neutral, other, and prefer not to say." The college claims the question will help it create better services and classes for its gender-variant students.

Exactly what "services" does the college intend to offer these "gender-variant" students? The United States is indeed one insane nation! There are a myriad of reasons why our people should separate from the United States and form our own nation.Morality is just one of many. No nation can survive in a perpetual state of immorality, especially one encouraged by official government policy driven by a hostile media composed of alien elites.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Have you ever examined the business model of Tyson Foods? Have you ever seen the demographic effect it has had on neighboring communities.? Just ask the town of Rogers, Arkansas.Before Tyson Foods came along its schools were majority white. Indeed many Arkansans, although they wont admit it, fled eastern and southern Arkansas, not to mention Little Rock, in favor of a more racially conducive atmosphere to raise their children.The were sick of their kids being a minority in the schools from which they migrated. And then came Tyson Foods and the schools in Rogers, Arkansas went from majority white to majority Hispanic.Now Northwest Arkansas has a growing and vibrant Hispanic base, thanks to Unbridled Capitalism.

Tyson soon came to dominate the poultry business  by buying up almost the entire supply chain: feed production,slaughterhouses,trucking,and processing plants. (That is known as Monopoly Capitalism whereby a business tries to capture the entire market and kill its competition, usually by unethical business practices, and then raises its prices to recoup its losses entailed by driving its competition to bankruptcy, after which they gouge the consumer. That is a process that will be outlawed by New Dawn in the future White Republic and violators severely dealt with)

Tyson  dictates price at all levels as a result.You buy the feed only from Tyson, you buy the chickens only from Tyson, you transport the chicken to the slaughterhouse only in Tyson trucks. They also rank you on a weekly basis against you fellow poultry producers, also Tyson consumers, to see how much grain each farm needs to produce a pound of meat.The losers are penalized by Tyson by offering them lower prices for their chickens. Of course, since Tyson owns the chickens (In a sense they only lease them to the chicken house owners) they cannot sale them elsewhere. It is a closed system. It is an example of Unbridled Capitalism but certainly not free enterprise!


It is difficult to win a war when you follow the enemies rules of engagement and it becomes next to impossible to win when a substantial part of your combatants have accepted,at least subconsciously, the ideological premises of the very enemy you are fighting against!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


The report of a panel of experts hired  to review the feasibility of President Obama's declared goal of reaching Mars by the 2030s  reports that it wont be possible anytime in the foreseeable future. Funding is the chief obstacle and NASA's budget at 17.5 billion is unlikely to change in coming years Such funding levels, the report warned, invite failure, disillusionment, and the loss of  the long-standing international perception that human spaceflight is something the United States does best.

The report goes on to suggest that a more logical approach would be to establish a base on the moon in order to develop the technology necessary for the long-haul mission to Mars. NASA is currently building a new class of heavy lift rockets but appears to lack a comprehensive vision as there are no planned missions beyond earth orbit for this new class of rockets.

Why does that not surprise me? NASA lacks a vision? The whole United States lacks a vision of anything and everything! Where there is no vision the people perish! God get us off the sinking ship! I do not know how many Red States will take the plunge and leave the United States and form the nucleus of a future White Republic, but when that republic becomes a reality it will have a comprehensible space program! A nation's strength is not dependent upon its size but on the vision, character, and composition of its people! It is lunacy to abandon the space program and leave the moon to the Chinese so that they can have access to Helium 3, a substance not found of earth, capable of making a nuclear bomb more powerful than any made with earth elements of plutonium or uranium.

The nation that has a presence in space controls its own destiny and  the nation that masters space, just like the nations that once mastered the ocean, namely Great Britain,will master the planet.


"No need for the rise of a Tea Party here is Canada", says Heather Mallick of the Toronto Star. "The cynics view holds that voters can be counted on for self-interested brutality, especially in economic hard times. That may be true in the Tea Party ridden United States, where hatred and stupidity rule, but is not true in Canada. The province of Ontario has rejected the policies of the anti-government, socially conservative right by electing Kathleen Wynee, an out lesbian who ran on the Liberal Party....rather than demonizing government- as her conservative opponent did- Wynn proclaimed that it is government's job to plan for our common future. ...Unlike our Southern neighbors, we are good and smart, unusually so in an screamingly vicious political landscape.

If this does not show the contempt the lunatic left has for a healthy society I don't know what does.I say again liberalism is not so much a political philosophy as it is a mental psychosis based on envy and guilt,with obsessive yearning for a globalist social-egalitarian utopia which metastasizes into hatred of all that is normal, decent, and orderly in the world.


If any nation should be a showcase for Black empowerment and progress it should be Nigeria. Its economy has now surpassed that of South Africa. (of course Nigeria surpassed South Africa after the whites foolishly surrendered power, they never would have been able to surpass South Africa when it was white ruled)
So let us examine the most successful of all Black nations!

Oil is 95% of the country's exports.  Oil production is at two million barrels a day, the 7th largest oil exporter in the world.  One would expect with that vast wealth  that its citizens would benefit in the same way that oil production benefits citizens in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, but sadly such is not the case. On a per capita basis Nigeria is one of the poorest nations on earth with 62% of its 170 million people living on less than a dollar a day. Something is seriously wrong here!

At every level of Nigerian society public officials are on the take, from politicians living off oil wealth, to civil servants demanding bribes before this or that contract or government project gets done,to policemen demanding bribes for protection, in much the same way as the Mafia demands protection money in order to do business in mob controlled areas.There is a whole sect that preys on others via internet scams. Who has not received an e-mail from Nigeria informing you that a dead relative has died and deposited millions in a Nigerian bank account and all you need to do is send a transfer fee and the money will be yours! Nigerian officials prey on their own people. There is something cruel and endemic about black behavior. One has only to witness black on black crime and drive by shootings in America to realize this is not something caused by the lingering effect white racism, slavery, or segregation, like liberals contend, it is something deep, dark, and virulent in their very genes. It is difficult to believe that if you live in an all white blue state but those who live in the Red States of the South see it on a daily basis.

Consider  James Ibori, a former governor of the state of Delta in Nigeria who used public money to buy three houses in London (Why do they always want to live among the very whites they claim to despise because of past oppression?) He also used public money to buy luxury cars, pay private boarding school fees, and purchase a private jet. Ibori amassed a fortune of over 250 million dollars and pleaded guilty to money laundering at a trial in London. It is doubtful he would have been convicted or even brought to trial in his native Nigeria.

And then there are the criminal gangs that steal between 100,000 and 400,00 barrels a day. They even hijack oil tankers as well as cutting pipelines and siphoning off the oil to sale on the black market. If obscene amounts of wealth causes these problems, as liberals allege, then why is the corruption so much smaller in the Arab world? In what way does the African mystique differ from the Arabia mystique? Why do Arab leaders share the wealth with their citizens and build up the infrastructure while Nigeria does not?  After all the environmental hypotheses does not work here because Nigeria is fertile, they can grow things, where Qatar and Saudi Arabia are desert environments.By the logic of liberals with its oil base and the climate to grow its own food Nigeria should have a booming economy with a large and stable middle class and a productive agricultural sector and modern schools, universities, and hospitals. They have none of  these things as compared to Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Monday, June 23, 2014


We can only wish that White Americans would pour into the streets in anger at what the government has done to them just as Sunni Muslims are doing in Shiite dominated Iraq. Part of the problem is far to many Americans believe what ever the mass media tells them to believe. They swallowed the lie about weapons of mass destruction and the reactionary right in this country was frothing at the mouth eager to beat the hell out of Iraq. They also believed the story about Iraqi soldiers killing Kuwaiti babies in the incubators as they stormed the hospital. America always has to have atrocity propaganda to motivate the masses to war. Remember the fictional Uncle Tom's Cabin of the Antebellum period whereby millions of Northerners were ready to make war upon their southern kinsmen because of atrocities committed by a fictional character named Simon Legree upon helpless Negroes.

One of the problems is that the borders of the Middle East were artificially imposed by Anglo and French imperialists. It is similar to what British imperialists did to Africa in which they created nations without any understanding of the historical and political realities of the region and put hostile tribes within the same nation.

President Obama tell us that President Maliki of Iraq must be more inclusive and must do more to involve Sunni Muslims and Kurdish elements in his government. Hillary Clinton has said the same thing and insists upon one unitary state for all Iraqis, whether Sunni, Shiite, or Kurd.  This is insane! It is part of the problem! It is why New Dawn advocates the secession of Red States from the United States and their incorporation into a white nationalist republic.

Did not Abraham Lincoln paraphrase the Bible when he said a man cannot serve two masters, that a house divided cannot stand? New Dawn believes in universal sovereignty for all and forced inclusion for none!  That involves redrawing the borders of many places in the world and creating smaller but more racially homogeneous stable nations.

Do you think America will survive when it reaches the point where it is 1/3 Mestizo, 1/3 Black, and 1/3 white? Guess what ethic group out of those three will pay most of the taxes then to keep the system going and provide its sons and daughters for its war machine in this nightmare scenario? That nightmare will become reality if we do not secede from the Insane States.

If the White Republic was a reality it would insist that Iraq be divided into three separate nations, a Sunni nation, a Shiite nation, and a Kurdish nation. It may be that they would still kill each other, after all it does seem living in a desert environment makes one psychotic to a certain extent,but at least then we could quarantine them from the rest of the world.

The only reason we are in the Middle East is the first place is because "our' government has been criminally negligent in not adopting a policy of complete energy independence, mainly due to the influence of multinational corporations upon public policy and all their billions to influence elections and lobbies, but another element is the stranglehold  Zionist elements have on the media and foreign policy in the United States 

In a sane world in which the White Republic was a reality we would have no need for the Middle East and Jews and Arabs would have to work out their own problems without American (Or I guess in the case White Republic troops ) to settle their problems militarily or the annual 4.5 billion America gives to Israel every year. In the White Republic envisioned by New Dawn we will be beholden neither to Jews or Arabs.

The Fall of Iraq - What You Aren't Being Told

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nuclear Fusion?

One of the things we must do once our proposed independent white Ethno-State becomes a reality is create an energy policy so that we are no longer dependent on Middle Eastern potentates for our supply of energy. Recent research by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory might have made a break through in nuclear technology. They recently shot 192 lasers with a peak power of 500 trillion watts- roughly 100 times the power output of the entire U.S. power grid- at a tiny gold cylinder the size of a dime. Inside the cylinder was a pea sized capsule containing fuel consisting of two hydrogen isotopes. The lasers crated enough energy to compress the capsule to 1/35 of its natural size. (that is the equivalent of compressing a basketball to the size of a pea.) Under compression the nucleus of atoms in the fuel fused creating a temperature higher than the sun's center and triggering additional nuclear reactions.

"For the first time anywhere", the scientists were quoted, "we gotten more energy out of the fuel than we put into the fuel." However,much research and development is still ahead. It will remain to be seen if the anti-nuclear proponents in the United States will be able to crush development and financing,thus leaving the U.S. dependent upon the Middle East and all the turbulent politics that region involves which causes wild fluctuations in the price of crude oil. A sensible nation would have a comprehensive energy policy. That leaves out the United States.It does not have a sensible and sustainable policy on anything. All the more reason for the Red States to secede! Leave before the USS Titanic drives you to the bottom with her.

If nuclear fusion can be mastered and controlled it could generate almost limitless amounts of energy from seawater without generating radioactive wastes. You can rest assured that not only anti-nuclear proponents will try to stop this but so will multi-national oil corporations as they have a vested interest in the U.S. maintaining its dependence on oil just like a pusher has an interest in keeping his buyers addicted to the drugs he sales. So much for the alleged free enterprise system! Its Unbridled Capitalism all the way!Short term profits above long term racial or national security!

Website Updates

As should be obvious I have updated the website. The sidebar of pictures might change from town to time but not the background. I have chosen a Triskelion as the symbol for New Dawn, but the color and style is still being researched. When  I explain all nine points of our ideology in more detail it will be obvious why a Triskelion is the logical choice for our symbol.

Let me point out that New Dawn is not a Neo-Nazi organization. Such a thing might be expected judging by the similarities between a Triskelion and a Swastika but I would remind you that no less an organization as the United States Department of Transportation uses a form of the Triskelion as their symbol. I have no control of how the enemy might characterize New Dawn but what is more important is how I define it and once I lay out all the perimeters of its ideology and world view you will understand  how we differ in fundamental ways from National Socialism or Fascism.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

In Vitro Fertilization For 3.

The Food and Drug Administration is in a quandary. It appears that three parents want to combine their DNA to create embryos free of certain genetic defects. Apparently this procedure has already been tested successfully on monkeys in Oregon. It is a process that could be used for women who carry DNA mutations for conditions such as epilepsy or blindness and who don't wish to pass on these characteristics to their children.

To New Dawn that seems a noble endeavor. However, this is the United States where the Liberal-Marxist ideology reigns supreme. Already there have been ominous warnings against the dangers of creating "designer children" by their parents. Marcy Darnovsky, executive directer of the Center for Genetics and Society, (Why do I get the impression that this is a liberal think tank designed to stop genetic research, not encourage it) warns about radical experimentation on future children (Shades of Brave New World)

Let us be honest; there is a fear of genetic research in this society because there is a deep seated fear on the part of the insider elite that it might be discovered we are not all innately equal or a mere blank slate to be written on by life's experiences. Where then would liberalism be in its quest for equality and a globalist utopia and the interchangeability of humanity?

We live in a world in which breeders acknowledge differences in character,ability, and intelligence in different breeds of dogs,cats,and horses, but when it comes to humans we are told none of those genetic traits now apply because we are all innately equal. That is insane! That is the  Human Equality Virus (HEV), a media born pathogen, effecting the higher reasoning centers of the brain.That is equality run riot!

TruTube TV Black Invades Home, Beats White Woman

Friday, June 20, 2014

Cosmotheism Trilogy: On Society


Contemporary America is the antitheses of what the United States was intended to be.

The Founding Fathers intended for America to be an Anglo-Saxon Republic with a limited franchise, not a multiracial democracy with a universal franchise.

New Dawn is not a negation of Americanism but is a positive expression of American in its most pristine form.

America is too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively.

New Dawn advocates the formation of a white separatist republic out of those Red States which still contain a healthy white majority. Healthy in the ideology of New Dawn meaning that their instincts have not been corrupted by the reigning Democratic-Egalitarian or Liberal-Marxist ideology of contemporary America.

A people are not sovereign, even if they constitute a numerical majority, if they have lost control of their destiny.

No racial or ethnic group is monolithic. In every people the majority tend to be apolitical.

It is impossible to talk about  problems in America without talking about race and it is impossible to have a  serious discussion of the racial issue without touching upon the Jewish question.

New Dawn does not believe that race is a social construct but that society may very well be a racial construct.

There is not one solitary all powerful Illuminati like group that meets secretly and is responsible for the present plight of our people. There is, however, a common ideology and purpose that motivate all these groups in their malevolence towards our people and the concept of ethnic based nationalism and white racial preservation.

America is not a nation of immigrants in the sense that all races, colors, and creeds built America equally. The three main core groups of white Americans are German, British, and Irish (In order of numerical majorities) American history began as an extension of European history, not as an extension of African, Native-American, or Asian history. The State has a duty towards those elements responsible for its creation.

We believe in self-autonomy for all and enforced diversity,or inclusion, for none. This refers to humanity in its collective racial groupings and should not be construed as some type of libertarian self-autonomy where a man believes he is a nation unto himself with no responsibilities or connections to any greater whole.

New Dawn believes that liberal-democracy is merely the facade behind which Plutocracy reigns.

New Dawn believes the innate inequality of humanity is a natural law that manifests itself both on a racial and individual level.

All morality is to a certain degree hypocritical but is necessary for the survival of a nation. Humanity cannot long exist in a state of perpetual immorality. One may not can legislate morality but a healthy State has a duty to its people to combat rampant immorality.

New Dawn believes it matters not who you vote for if an insider elite has determined who the candidates will be. In that regard any freedom you have is illusionary because you have lost control of your destiny and are no longer a sovereign people. Voting under such as system becomes  the true opiate of the people. That is now the case in the United States and many Western nations.

Those who would advocate the assimilation of all the world's races into one unitary coffee & cream colored global mass are just as evil, and just as malevolent, of those who would advocate the physical extermination of every race but their own. New Dawn rejects both extremes and points out that both extremes are forms of genocide. However, one of these ideologies is constantly promoted by  the mainstream media.

What people perceive to be true is often more important than actual truth. This is especially dangerous in the American case when the media is composed of hostile elements opposed to true nationalism, sovereignty, and any manifestation of white racial preservation.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


New Dawn is the next step in the political evolution of Western humanity. It is the ultimate paradigm, the beginning of  a new era ,a new dawn for our people!

Our world view is unique among American political institutions. It is neither of the conservative right or the liberal left. It is based on the following elements;
Radical Traditionalism
Organic Nationalism
Meta- Politics
Original Patriotism
Racial Preservation
Folk Democracy
Universal Sovereignty
Transcendent Reality
Political Devolution

 If you lack an understanding of all of these elements then you will not be able to form a complete picture of our ideology and world view. If we do our work correctly it will be impossible to tell where one element ends and another begins. A complete syntheses of all these elements will form a organic and holistic nation that will endure through the ages.

We live in a dark and degenerate age, a time of degradation and decadence, a time of political and moral decay.It is the age of Kali Yuga. The night is always darkest before the dawn. No era lasts forever. Even now the sky is red with the promise of a new dawn for our people.It is the dawn of the golden age.Ever turns the wheel of life!