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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Will to Community- Our fourth noble virtue

Our fourth noble virtue is the Will to Community. A sense of kinship and belonging  is essential to any healthy nation. New Dawn believes in the racial community.We believe that liberal democracy, in trying to be all things to all peoples ends up being nothing to nobody, and does great harm by causing widespread alienation of the masses. The end result of liberal democracy is consumerism run riot, a society denominated by fads and fashions, as well as escapism, entertainment, and diversions as ends in themselves. It is a war against the higher culture, the higher responsibility,the higher community,and higher humanity!

Alienation causes one to feel he, or she, no longer has a stake in society and thus destroys any sort of communal  feelings. This is one reason why crime is so much higher in a rootless multiracial society than in a racially homogeneous one. Those who feel a sense of community are less likely to engage in behavior that endangers the continued existence of the racial community. Alienation causes one to lash out against society, thus fueling a sense of angst, that leads to crime, drug addiction, miscegenation, homosexuality, and bizarre sexual escapades.

The coming Ethno-State should be viewed as one extended family, an organic and natural society, based on a common culture, sense of destiny,and a common ethnic heritage.The Ethno-State is the answer to the epidemic of angst and alienation among our people. Multiracial societies can never capture the true feelings of joy and pride that comes from a transcendent nationalism based on love of race that lives in symbiosis with the racial community and indeed is the political expression of the racial community, its Will to Power politicized! It is the pride of a people redeemed that is once more in control of their destiny!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Will To Preservation-Our Third Noble Virtue

Our third noble virtue is the Will to Racial Preservation. New Dawn does not see government as an end in itself but as a means to an end. The function of government in a healthy system is to insure that the original genetic elements responsible for its formation always remain in the majority. At present there are three main white ethnicities that were primarily responsible for America's formation; namely people of British, German, and Irish ancestry. Thus the United States may be referred to as Anglo-Celtic or even Germano-Celtic  as the Angles and the Saxons that constitute the Anglo-Saxon people were Germanic tribes.Recently the number of people with German ancestry bypassed the number of people with British ancestry as a  majority of America's white population. They can all be classified as descendants of Northern, or Northwestern Europe as long as we understand it is a cultural-ethnic term as well more than a geographic term

New Dawn believes the actual paradigm in government is no longer between big verses small government but is now between "OUR" government verses "THEIR" government. The United States has ceased being "OUR" government decades ago. The same remains true in many European nations.

New Dawn rejects the current idea of a "Concept Nation" formed solely on the basis of egalitarian Enlightenment ideas, and believes that nationhood, true nationhood, should be based on a firm bio-cultural reality, and not some universal-egalitarian utopian dogma.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Will To Identity- Our second noble virtue

Our second noble virtue is that of identity. Once the Will to Power becomes strong enough among our people then a healthy sense of identity will soon follow. By identity we mean that the individual identifies with their race and is well aware of the need for an Ethno-State. He or she is well aware of the precarious situation that confronts the race and realizes a healthy sense of racial identity is a vital necessity if we are going to survive and proposer in an America that is becoming increasingly non-white and even virulently anti-white in its policies and preferences. Our people must realize that only a dynamic and militant movement will have the force of will to do what is necessary, regardless of the time or effort involved,  to insure our racial preservation.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Of Mice and Men

Apparently scientists
have injected some mice with human brain cells in order to see if they can improve their intelligence. The cells in question are known as glial cells which are cells , that unlike neurons, don't send electrical signals back and forth. Until recently it was thought that glial cells only provided insulation and nourishment for neutrons but when the researchers injected these glial cells into the brains of newborn mice they found  that the mice became quicker learners than did their litter mates. They went through mazes much quicker than those mice not injected with glial cells. The human glial cells improved how the mice neutrons functioned  proving that glial cells  can regulate the flow of information through the brain.Some scientists suspect the evolution of glial cells made human intelligence possible.

In a related story scientists electronically connected the brains of two mice. (by wireless chips not by physical wires) The idea was to see if they could communicate by thought alone, a concept called Telepathy in science fiction movies and the Paranormal. A team at Duke University trained a rat to push whichever one of the two levers that had a light on above it.  They then put a electrode in the rat's primary cortex and separated it from another rat with the same identical electrode implanted. When on of the lights went on the first rat pressed the lever, and the second rat, which was not visible to the first rat, also pressed the same lever correctly 7 out of ten times. Eventually scientists were even able to link the brain of a rat in North Carolina with one in Brazil.

Perhaps instead of making movies about Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Planet of the Apes, the true reality might be Planet of the Rats! Seriously this has serious repercussions from creating what is called trans-humans. Let New Dawn be the first to say that when we have our own Ethno-State, and it can be proven that some people do indeed have some type of innate psychic ability, then I see nothing wrong with pairing eggs and sperm from said couples and creating  a more advanced race. I am not so keen about putting mechanical things in human brains though.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Will to Power- Our first noble virtue

Our first noble virtue is the Will to Power. Our people must regain  the Will to Power, a feeling of the consciousness of race and the desire to conquer and overcome all obstacles that threaten our existence. Ideally this should crystallize in the formation of a white nation, one with a solid Anglo-Celtic (Germano-Celtic) nucleus, a White Republic inspired by the highest ideals of a transcendent form of ethic nationalism. A republic that is not only all white, but also racially conscious (The two terms are NOT synonymous) and  a beacon of white racial preservation. This is the work of generations and we that are alive now may not live to see its realization as its realization may come only after this present age of Kali Yuga has rendered society unworkable. But our day will come because that which is unnatural and artificial cannot last and such is the age of Kali Yuga.

"This the the midnight hour of the world. And when the sun will rise, the morning will have to belong to us."


The Law of Return

Heretofore Israel considered anybody born of a Jewish mother to be Jewish and a prime candidate for Israeli citizenship. It did not work the other way round. If the father was Jewish and the mother a gentile the child was not considered Jewish. Gideon Saar, Israel's minister of the interior, will now allow Jews to immigrate to Israel with their non-Jewish spouse but this also applies to homosexual marriage whereby a Jewish homosexual marries a non-Jewish homosexual.

If I was Jewish and I was as concerned about the continued existence of the "Jewish State" as I am about the formation of a white Ethno-State then I would be adamantly opposed to this policy. I would also be very worried about the Arab birthrate in Israel and would urge my leaders to take measures to increase the Jewish birthrate and ease dependence on Arab labor. I suspect this policy was adopted in order to counter the high Arab birthrate by now considering anybody born of a Jewish mother or FATHER to be Jewish. Israel's greatest enemy is not Hamas or Hezbollah but the declining Jewish birth rate.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Women's rights in Israel?

I need not tell you how bad women have it in Islamic dominated countries. That is common knowledge. New Dawn has pointed our before that it is ironic that so many of the feminist leaders were Jewish because Judaism is not exactly known for its belief in sexual equality.

Well it seems a group of women were just arrested at the Wailing Wall in Israel. It appears that women are not allowed to wear prayer shawls, read a Torah scroll,or sing too loudly at the wall, and by all means they must stay out of the men's prayer section! (Said nine women were arrested for wearing prayer shawls)

If you want to see historic cultures that treated women with respect even in ancient times one has only to examine the Celtics, the Vikings, and the Germanic tribes. A Viking women could own property, initiative divorce proceedings against an abusive or unfaithful husband, and speak in the Althing. A Celtic queen led a national revolt against Roman occupation of Britain. Nobody can read the life of Arminius and not be impressed with the love of his wife and the sacrifices she made for his struggle against Roman occupation of Germany.

Positive Eugenics

New Dawn believes in positive eugenics and genetic research. In the coming white Ethno-State, which New Dawn advocates, genetic engineering and positive eugenics, including offering financial incentives and tax breaks to boost the white population, will be official policy and heavily subsidized by the State.

The subject of stem cells has been highly controversial, and rightly so, because heretofore the only way to gather stem cells was from the tissues of aborted fetuses or dead babies.Scientific advancement has now changed that. A new 3D printer, about the size of a standard desk sized laser printer, has been created that can actually  make copies of  human embryonic stem cells.

Why are stem cells so important? Because they  can transform into any cell type in the body and could be used to make kidneys, hearts, or just about any another type of organ. They show  promise for massive brain injuries also.

Let us be clear; the Ethno-State advocated by New Dawn will  ban abortion except in cases,rape, incest, or if said pregnancy endangers the mother, or if the child is liable to be hideously deformed or mentally deficient.. As an alternative to abortion the State will finance a national adoption agency  where an expecting mother can have her baby and receive medical care free of charge. She can rest assured that the baby will be adopted by a stable and healthy family. It goes without saying that, unlike liberal democracy, the State will not use aborted babies as a source of stem cells because said abortion will be illegal in the Ethno-State.

White Democratic Vote Percentage

Since 1952 only one Democratic presidential candidate has won a majority of the white vote. Alas, that person is Lyndon Johnson, arguably the worst president in America history, yes even worse than Obama!  Hubert Humphrey, George McGovern, Jimmy Carter, and Walter Mondale all received lower percentages of the white vote than did Barrack Obama who received 39 percent of the white vote.


Liberals are worried because Austria ranks dead last among 34 developed nations (also called First World nations)  as regards immigration. Like most White nations Austria has a declining birthrate. Liberals worry that there wont be enough taxes to  pay their pensions upon retiring. Their solution? Make Austria more attractive to immigrants. They mean non-white immigrants, of course. The fact that that would change the racial complexion of Austria seems not to bother them as long as their pensions are paid.

How about a government program (liberals, after all, love government programs) to offer financial incentives to up the birthrate, including tax breaks and financial grants. Of course, the very thought would be racist to liberals! Encourage a white birthrate? My God, man that is the height of racism! Why should our genes be the ones that are subsidized? Of course that is lunatic talk but that is the way liberals reason, which is why New Dawn considers liberalism less an ideology and more of a political pathology that does to a nation what AIDS does to a body!

Western Exceptionalism

We hear a great deal about American Exceptionalism from the conservative right. New Dawn believes that this American Exceptionalism  is actually a derivative of Western Exceptionalism, a direct product of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. That is not the case in Third world nations. Let us consider the following cases;

Kano, Nigeria is undergoing a crusade against polio vaccinations led by two journalists and one cleric who aired a radio show contending that the polio vaccinations were a Western (they mean white, of course) plot to sterilize Muslim girls. So far nine women nine women who tried to administer the vaccines (I wonder if they were white?) were shot dead and their clinics torched. Not only Nigeria, but Pakistan and Afghanistan also believe that the vaccines are a plot to cause sterility against Muslims girls.

Mount Hagen ,Papua New Guinea

Apparently New Guinea is undergoing a witch craze. Hundreds of people watched a suspected witch being burned alive claiming that she had used witchcraft to kill a boy. The suspected witch, Kepari Leniata, 20,  was stripped, tied up, tortured with red hot irons, and then doused in gasoline and burned alive by relatives of the dead boy. Police have announced that as many as fifty people  would soon be arrested on murder charges. Witchcraft is illegal in  New Guinea and so far a gang of 29 people have been arrested who were killing and cannibalizing (that means they ate the body, folks) suspected witches.


We beg forgiveness! We reported the U.S. Census Bureau stated that it would be 2019 before non-whites out numbered whites in the public school system. However, with the collapse of our southern border, and the refusal of the Obama administration to do  anything about it, that day is now here five years earlier than projected.!

That's right. The Drudge Report, as well as major news sources in today's' newspapers, are now reporting that whites number only 49.8 percent of the student body nationwide in the public school system. This bodes ill for the future and will have dire repercussions! This is an American first! The first time in the history of our public school system whereby non-whites outnumber whites!

Friday, August 8, 2014

On Global Capitalism

The argument for so called free trade, so beloved by globalists and internationalists, is that it may increase inequality within some countries (these always turn out to be white Western nations) but decreases inequality on a planetary basis as the wealth flows from developed to underdeveloped nations. (which is the politically correct way of saying from white nations to non-white nations)

The rise of Chinese exports, the proponents of Global Capitalism argue, might hold down wages among the American middle class (for example) but it also enriches those Americans who own shares in Chinese companies. Such losses are offset by the fact that such growth has reduced poverty in China. (and elsewhere) We are living in equalized times for the world and free trade is a force for good. ( so argue the globalists)

Free trade is not good for the West! All it does is transfer wealth from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern hemisphere, or from the West to the East. Do you really want to build up China into an economic superpower while the white birth rate in all developed nations is in seriously decline? This bodes ill for the future because a revitalized China will be a fierce competitor and the quest for markets has frequently lead to war. Notice that the only Westerners who benefit are those internationalists that own stock in foreign companies. They are traitors to their race whether they realize it or not. I am sure in the global world order they envision they will be one of the controllers, about like the government officials in Brave New World who have divided the planet up into various economic blocs with each one having a supreme controller.They may call it the global village but in reality it is the global plantation, with you, Mr. and Mrs. white middle class American,working for them on starvation wages once seen only in Third World nations as they sit in luxury counting their money and lord of all they survey!

Economic Comparison: Germany V USA

Germany leads the world in trade balances with a surplus of 275 billion. In Germany stockholders play only a minor role in companies calculations as regards profit. The German economy distributes wealth more effectively and equitably and boasts a thriving manufacturing sector with well paid, highly trained, and empowered workers.

In the United States corporate profits to shareholders take precedence over all other activity. Last year the U. S. ranked dead last among developed nations with a deficient of 361 billion!  In the U.S. where there are fewer economic regulations on corporations (But a Hell of a lot more taxes) and fewer worker rights the economy has become dominated by Finance Capitalism and an obsession with short term profits over long term sustainability. As as result we no longer have an America manufacturing base, it has been exported to China, India, Mexico and various other places where they can exploit cheap non-white labor.

Does this not prove once again that the composition of a nation determines how productive your economy will be. The bottom line is America is too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively and that includes the economy as well. That extreme individualism, like a psychotic cowboy in the wild west, has given rise to Unbridled Capitalism in which the quest for profits become the sole reason for existence which takes precedence over long term racial interests.

Unbridled Capitalism In action!

I refer, or course, to what is known as tax inversions.In a tax inversion a U.S. corporation acquires a much smaller company based in a tax friendly country (Therein is the key. America is not a tax friendly country) such as Ireland. The U.S. company, now with headquarters overseas, can now avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes on foreign earnings that are then repatriated back to the United States. This is Unbridled Capitalism in action but we need to ask ourselves what caused the problem. How could a White Ethno-State adopt policies that would remedy this?

 One problem is that the good ole U.S. of A has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world as 35%!  Our tax code is so complicated  on the individual level that most people have to hire an outside tax agency merely to complete the forms. Imagine what a American corporation is expected to document as regards taxes. The solution is to have a flat tax rate for both individual and corporations. In the interest of parity it is not fair for the corporate tax rate in the Ethno-State to be higher than the individual tax rate.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

And I quote...

"We swing from crisis to crisis, problem to problem, never pausing long enough to bother resolving any of them. The sound and fury are what matters. Once the entertainment value of a story wanes, everyone loses interest. What will be next week's episode of political theater be? The show must go on."

Turing politics into theater by Dana Milbank of the Washington Post as printed in The Week magazine, 25 July 2014. Volume 14, issue 678.

It is a sign of the times when a national journalist confirms something New Dawn has posted at length on in a previous post.

The call of "Blood."

In the vernacular of the common man it has become fashionable to use the term "blood" when referring to matters of race or genetics that determine individual and collective qualities of men and races. Nature is ever moving towards forms of greater complexity which is merely the driving force of the divine Creator. What is history but the interplay of divergent and competing forms of DNA to actualize itself and establish a medium conducive to its particular phenotype and genotype?

This is the struggle of humanity, and ever has been and ever will be, a struggle strictly bio-cultural in nature in which economics is relegated to its natural state as a reflection of particular strands of kindred DNA, but does not exist as an independent variable outside and independent of the bio-cultural struggle that plays itself out on the world stage. Thus we proclaim the unnatural and artificial nature of the so called "Class Struggle" even as we acknowledge the Ethno-State as the next step in the political evolution of our people and the natural medium whereby our particular genes, our kindred DNA, coalescence and express themselves, even as kindred strains further combine in a greater whole and produce the higher man, the higher humanity,which alone can lead to a new dawn, a new era for our people.We journey into the mists of a distant future where in time even the Ethno-State may evolve into something greater that only a higher humanity would recognize or comprehend

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Media Lies

The America media hates Vladimir Putin. However, like him or hate he radiates strength and authority in a way no President, most certainly not Obama, have demonstrated in decades. Reagan was probably the last. Beware of the "heroes" in Russia the media praises. One of these is Mikhail Khodorkovsky. He is the innocent victim, a virtual paragon of democracy and tolerance, that the evil Putin persecutes just for the hell of it.

But Khodorkovsky is an oil tycoon. His  was CEO of Yukos oil. He sought to merge Yukos with an American oil company and then to transfer Russia's main source of wealth to America! No wonder America loved him! No wonder Putin opposed him! It wasn't because Putin was a tyrant it was because he was acting in the interests of Russia in a true nationalist fashion in a way no American president has done for decades! If such a situation were to occur in the White Ethno-State that New Dawn advocates then he would have been put on trial, and if found guilty shot by firing squad, for economic crimes against the nation. The fact that he is still alive is to a tribute to Putin's leniency.

America's Foreign Policy

The United States foreign policy can be likened to a drunkard that stumbles from bar to bar starting fights and leaving chaos behind and always picking on lessor opponents. Is it any wonder the entire world hates the United States? Its foreign policy radically changes every time a new president is elected. It has no stability  and today's policies will be tomorrows obstacles. If the U.S. were a person it would have Attention Deficient Disorder , if not outright Schizophrenia!

As explained in our formation what is needed in today's world is a biting critique of what America has become. That is the role of New Dawn! America is the anti-nation, the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended, a globalist cabal masquerading as a nation! Look at what it has turned Libya into! This is not the nation of our fathers, it ruins everything it touches! They might have been tyrants but Iraq and Libya were far more stable under their dictators, whom America hated, than they are after America's "liberation." America enters, they tear stuff up, leave no infrastructure, then withdraw, and become incredulous when said nations they liberated turn into havens for terrorists and extremists.  Libya is now tottering on the edge of anarchy with Islamic fanatics controlling much of the nation. Their Prime Minster cannot even hold meetings for fear it will be bombed and participants killed. That is what America has wrought by deposing Muammar Qaddafi and don't kid yourself that Benghazi was not a direct result of American interference and the chaos it created. What does it matter? (to quote Hillary Clinton) It matters a great deal because the incompetence (or is it malevolence) of America's state department created this far more than the Islamic fanatics that were blamed.They merely took advantage of a situation created by others.


I am always amazed at how many of the early Feminist leaders were Jewish. Judaism has always been a bit misogynist.I would point out that Celtic and Scandinavian culture were more kind towards the fairer sex than was Jewish culture. A Viking women could inherit property and be heard in the Althing. A Celtic princess led a widespread revolt against Roman rule and united her people. We can see the heritage of the North today in Iceland. Consider the fact that Iceland leads the world in women's rights. The World Economic forum has selected the tiny North Atlantic nation, a nation directly descended from the Vikings which contains the oldest  continuously functioning democratic body in the world, the Althing, as the number one nation in the world as regards gender equality. This is Iceland's fifth year in a row to win this honor based on the following factors; access to education, political office, jobs, and health care.

Where does the United States rank in this regard you might ask? It ranks 23rd will below nations such as the Philippines and Nicaragua. If you are wondering who came in dead last is was Pakistan. You did notice that Levantine religions like Judaism and Islam have that factor in common.

An unrelated factor also comes in play as regards Iceland. According to historian Jared Diamond  the reason the West (that is to say White Europeans) came to dominate the world was because of Guns,Germs, and Steel. He wrote  a book in that regard bearing the same title that is required reading in many high schools and colleges.Diamond would argue that genetics plays no role in the success of Europeans, its all based on geography, environment, and  chance. Nations that are poor in resources and isolated, especially in hostile climates are at a disadvantage and should not expected to be as prosperous as the West, Diamond would argue.  By that regard Iceland should be poor, its has poor resources, a short growing season, and vast tracks of land unsuitable to farming. And yet it is the most literate nation and the world and has a rich culture and tradition of democracy and tolerance. Iceland (and Japan) blows Diamond's Environmental-Geographic theory of human development out of the water!