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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Zenn-La was of course the home planet of one of the most unique superheros in the Marvel pantheon, Silver Surfer. On Zenn-La everything was perfect, global government and peace has been achieved. No more war, no more, disease, no more poverty. However one man, Norrin Radd, noticed that all the populace did was engage in endless diversions. Everything was a mindless pursuit of pleasure and escapism. He chastised his people for forgetting about the exploits of their ancestors .Norrin Radd, of course, later became the Silver Surfer when his planet was destroyed.

Anyway the world of Zenn-La and others like it keep pooping up in science fiction novels. It was a lot like the world in 3001 AD:The Final Odyssey, as well as the world of Logan's Run, not to mention Star Trek. Global government, no more nations, no disease , poverty, or want. It is impractical but it is what these Neo-Conservatives strive for, as do Unbridled Capitalists of all stripes. Funny though, in science fiction all these global utopias are white whereas in reality a global government would , by its very nature, be majority non-white and socialist in nature. They may call it the global village in order to foster visions of utopia ,so beloved in science fiction novels, but in reality it will be the Global Plantation with you as a white person in the role of serf with the architects thereof in the role of overlords.

It appears the inhabitants of Zenn-La was caught up in the Society of Spectacle just like the majority of white males are with their fanatical worship of NBA and NFL superstars as society corrodes around them. Can you say sports lemmings?

History Channel Distortions

I only saw the tail end of the much vaunted History Channel special on World War II. In those few minutes I caught so many inaccuracies. That begs the question whether the History channel is merely inept and doing sloppy research or whether it is done deliberately with malice of forethought as lawyers say.

It showed a brown eyed Hitler standing before a mirror with a swastika flag behind him putting a gun to his head and blowing his brains out.- The reality is Hitler had pale sky blue colored eyes and he did not die alone or standing up. He was sitting on a couch with Eva Bruan in which he took poison, as did she, and then shot himself while still seated.

It then showed Franklin Roosevelt dying in Warm Springs, Georgia as a very loving Eleanor discovered his body- the reality is Eleanor was not there, she was probably with her lesbian girlfriend , Lorena Hickok, while FDR was shacked up at Warm Springs with his girlfriend, Lucy Mercer, who in all probability discovered his body.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Preparing for collapse?

Fort Collins, Colorado has a vast store house for the U.S. Department of Agriculture which contains 700,000 vials of different sperm from 18 different species of domestic animals, including cows, sheep, turkeys, goats, and chickens.  Dr. Harvey Blackburn of the USDA says; "We have the ability to repopulate entire breeds."

Would it not be nice to have a government just as concerned with possible white extinction? That is why we need our own Ethno-State. At least then we could stockpile eggs and sperm from our own stock if we ever find it necessary to help nature along.

North West

Kayne West has spent over 1.7 million dollars trying to bullet and bomb proof two of his vehicles in order to keep his wife, Kim Kardashian, and their daughter North West (I kid you not, that is what he named her) free from terrorist attacks and kidnapping. The vehicles can now withstand attacks from land mines and rocket propelled grenades.

Remember what I said about the Society of Spectacle, how the ruling elites use media to create fads and diversions in order to buy off revolutionary discontent? Kim Kardashian and Kayne West are two of their greatest creations! (As are the NFL and the NBA)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Will to Transcendence- Our Ninth Noble Virtue

The Will to Transcendence as envisioned by New Dawn embraces both nationalism and politics. It is a form of nationalism and politics that is the very antithesis of what passes for politics and nationalism in the nations of liberal-modernity. It embraces that which is holistic and organic and spurns that which is artificial and solely materialistic. We believe in a  nationalism that encompasses not only the political but also that which is cultural, economic, and social. It is this politics of preservation that is capable of transforming people and nations.

What is important to us is not whether the current political entity can be saved, after all what are today's nations but a reflection of liberal-modernity, but whether a healthy portion of our race can be salvaged so that a more glorious expression of our being and political will can be established via an Ethno-State that encapsulates all of the noble virtues thus espoused.

Unlike liberals,Communists, and Globalists, not to mention the practitioners of contemporary liberal-modernity, who believe history is linear whereby humanity is advancing to that final state of perfection, that democratic-socialist world order, the coming World Union, in which class, religious,  ethnic and sexual differences will slowly fade away in a globalist state of absolute freedom and equality with discrimination, and all differences among humanity, confined at last to the dust bin of history.

New Dawn believes history is cyclical  and that our race is about to enter a new dark age, what the ancient Aryans of India called the Age of Kali Yuga. The goal of New Dawn is to preserve a portion of a race that still have healthy instincts in order to have a template with which to rebuild our future once this dysfunctional and degenerate system finally collapses under its own contradictions and catastrophes.

 We believe in a coming Golden Age, a New Dawn for our people that  will see the birth of the Ethno-State and a return to the primal, God ordained, nationalism that reigned supreme in ancient times based on a common language, culture, and ancestral heritage. This is the golden age, the age of Satya Yuga! Gone will be the nationalism based solely on geographic borders or unnatural political structures or ideologies. This is the Faustian age that shall bury liberal-modernity and build its Ethno-States over its very grave!

We see beyond time and space and envision our race among the stars. Out cities shall be, safe, sustainable, and beautiful  gleaming structures of glass and steel that liberal-modernity promised but could never deliver. Our race shall be a multi-planetary species. Each generation shall be better than the one before! All peoples,colors, and creeds, shall follow the example we shall build and construct Ethno-States for themselves. No longer will mankind follow the delusions of liberal-modernity and dream of globalist utopias. Instead each will find happiness within his own kind, his own people.A world that is no longer uni-polar but one based on multi-polarity with self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or inclusion, for none!

Hey White People: A Kinda Awkward Note to America by #Ferguson Kids by F...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Will to Order - Our Eighth Noble Virtue

Our eighth noble virtue is the Will to Order. For any healthy society to function there must be a balance between liberty and order. In contemporary American society criminals run riot and are often let out of prison early to avoid overcrowding and often end up committing even more crimes. Society often has to wait years, if not decades, before those who received the death penalty are finally executed, thanks to liberal democracy and its obsessive concern for the primacy of the individual over the collective good of the race. Such travesties of justice will not happen in the Ethno-State that New Dawn envisions. We view the nation as a bio-cultural entity and not an experiment in equality or some kind of nebulous concept nation. A body must expel its waste products or it will die. Liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body.

Our people are so paralyzed  with fear of being considered racist, or intolerant, that we allow  non-whites, or an alien dominated media, to insult us with impunity on a daily basis. We lack the fortitude to do what is necessary and proper, indeed what our ancestors would certainly have done, to end the crime and disorder of our society and secure the preservation of our race and a future for our descendants.

Always remember that the salvation of our race is the salvation of the planet! If we die as a race all the noble virtues of our race die with us and the world of the future will become a teeming anthill of non-white humanity, in screaming hues of black, brown, and yellow, fighting over the infrastructure that whites have left behind like bunch of maggots feeding on a dead body.

It will not be chaotic for long. If the White race goes extinct the planet will become a Chinese domain and all the concepts of beauty, freedom,individualism, and progress, will be destroyed. Earth will once more drift through the cosmos as it once did for millennia devoid of higher humanity, dominated only by the hive mentality of East Asian conformity and the Faustian spirit that drove the West will be no more!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Will to Beauty - Our Seventh Noble Virtue

Our seventh noble virtue is the Will to Beauty. True beauty is always in the minority and transcends mere physical traits, although outward beauty is often the reflection of the soul within. One only has to journey to a local shopping mall or any other place where people assemble in great numbers, to notice that most people are not attractive, they are the odious and hideous dregs of liberal democracy. What is modern democracy but the cult of ugliness, of dysgenics run riot? Our race is becoming more and more obese and less healthy and heroic with each passing generation.

Liberals are found of saying that everybody is beautiful in their own way and nobody is truly ugly. But if everybody is beautiful then nobody is ugly and if nobody is ugly then we have no standard whereby to measure beauty. After all, what is ugliness but deviation from the norm of commonality in the negative spectrum. Just as beauty is deviation from the norm along a positive spectrum.

Of all the races on planet Earth it is strikingly obvious that Caucasian females, more especially those of Northern or Northwest European ancestry ( what author Richard McCulloch termed "Northernkind"), are nature's finest and the pinnacle of beauty. The job of any future White Ethno-State that may arrive is to increase the proportions of beauty and intelligence among our race via a sustained program of positive eugenics.

Different societies throughout time were reflected in the beauty of their females. It is said that the women of ancient Sparta were the most beautiful in the Classical era, thinks in no small part to the natural eugenics practiced by the ancient Spartans. After all, what not the kidnapping of Helen from Sparta to Troy what started the Trojan War?  Was not her beauty said to be such that hers was the face than launched a thousand ships? Best available evidence seems to suggest she was tall and fair with auburn hair, not exactly what we consider Greek features today, but populations change over time.

Likewise for the Germanic and Keltic tribes with their tall noble warriors and red haired and blond haired women. Compare them with the type of people one sees in modern liberal-egalitarian societies. The coming Ethno-State must cultivate beauty and reject contemporary standards of beauty in which the more racially mixed a female is the more beautiful she is considered by fashion and media elites (Think Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, and Beyonce, among others) These fashion elites exist to destroy traditional European concepts of beauty among our people. We must not lose our Will to Beauty! Their concept of beauty is a person who is so mixed he or she becomes racially unidentifiable. This is apropos with liberal ideas of a future globalist utopia, a one world super state, in which "racism" is ended by eliminating identifiable racial traits through a process of global assimilation. Globalists even have a term for it. They call it Monoethnicity. Advertisers carry on this globalist indoctrination by a concept referred to in their inner trade magazines, which most of the public never see, as "color blind advertising",  which involves treating the world as a global market by insuring every commercial is full of racially mixed or diverse populations.

One only has to go back and few decades and look through old issues of Time or Life magazine to be appalled about how fast things have changed. Merely a few decades ago all commercials in print and media featured all white characters usually in beautiful or natural settings. I am especially reminded of the Kool cigarette commercials which allows pictured young white couples hiking through the woods or sitting at a stream. That is also why so many whites love TV shows from the era (Like Andy Griffith, the Brady Bunch, Bewitched, I Love Jeanie) because it portrays a majority white America, a more healthier, more moral America.

New Dawn's concept of beauty hearkens back to the established ideals of our ancestors. We embrace the Aryan concept of beauty whether we call it Northernkind, Anglo-Celtic, or Germano-Celtic, different words, same concept.  We cherish  the Germanic, the Celtic, the Anglo-Saxon, hair of red, hair of gold, and eyes of blue and green, the white race has more diversity than all the other races on planet earth!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Will to Progress- Our sixth noble virtue

Our sixth noble virtue is the Will to Progress. Progress requires a stable political system, one not subject to the wild swings of public opinion manipulated by a hostile mass media.  For instance, consider the subject of space exploration. In a liberal-democratic system, like the current United States, plans and monies approved by one administration can be quickly canceled in the next. We recently witnessed the Orion spacecraft (Years in the making and designed to replace the retired space shuttle fleet)  being canceled by President Obama. Long term projects require a stable government and such will never be the case in a liberal multiracial democracy with an unlimited franchise easily manipulated by a rabidly anti-white media.

Foreign governments do not like to deal with a nation knowing that any plans agreed upon might be canceled by the next American election. Such will not be the case when the nation envisioned by New Dawn becomes a reality. Our nation will be based on natural organic principles and will be a beacon of stability. Our plans are generational in scope, and not tailor made just to survive the next election or to whore after the fickle masses.

New Dawn believes in a vibrant space program with eventual colonies on the moon as well as missions to Mars.In time this space program  will become a cooperative venture involving other white Western nations. It is not to far fetched to envision mining colonies in the asteroid belt and explorations of Titian and Europa. We will ensure our race is spread through out the solar system, and eventually the galaxy,  as we become a multi-planetary species. We will explore the oceans and establish bases underseas. We will establish alternative energy sources and perfect nuclear fusion. We will implement positive eugenics and improve the health,beauty, intelligence, and longevity of our people. Each generation will be better than the one before. All this New Dawn will do because we can see into the centuries, not just the next election. We choose the path of future politics instead of temporary goals and short range solutions.

Only the stability afforded by a transcendent world view, manifested first in an Ethno-State and then in time maturing into an eventual United White Imperium, can unite our race into one body politic which can then undertake such  momentous tasks for our people and our future descendants. Such will be the political evolution of our people.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Will to Freedom - Our Fifth Noble Virtue

Our fifth noble virtue is the Will to Freedom. New Dawn recognizes that the more a nation strives to impose equality the less freedom it has. In a multiracial society the more diversity one has the more conflict occurs, the more conflict occurs the more laws you need, the more laws you need the more police , judges, and lawyers, you need, and consequently the more prisons you must  build. It is no coincidence that the prison industry seems to be one of the few growth segments in our economy with new prisons springing up like weeds. Thus multiracialism leads to oppressive government and socialized egalitarian tyranny.

One must realize that liberty did not develop fully born out of the brow of Zeus like Athena. Nor is it adaptable to all people, places,and races. Freedom is part of a historical process among the Anglo-Saxon people. From the misty green forests of Germania, to the Icelandic Althing, from the Magna Carta, to the English Bill of Rights, to the Mayflower Compact, to the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation, liberty is an exclusive commodity among the Germanic/Celtic peoples. (And least it be argued I am leaving out the Anglo-Saxons I would point out both the Angles and Saxons were Germanic tribes) Indeed no less a person that John. C. Calhoun understood the connection between liberty and the Anglo-Saxon peoples. Consider the following quote;

" Liberty, indeed though among the greatest of blessings, is not as great as that of protection; in as much as the end of the former is the progress and improvement of the race,-while that of the latter is its preservation and perpetuation. And hence, when the two come in conflict, liberty must, and ever ought,to yield to protection: as the existence of the race is of greater importance than its improvement."

So ever must order and liberty be in symbiosis with each other. Too much liberty leads to hedonism and too much order leads to tyranny. Both extremes are anathema to the historical and political development of the Anglo-Celtic peoples. New Dawn must ever strive for that perfect balance between liberty and order while always remembering that if each concept is going to survive then the preservation of the race that gave birth to such concepts must take prime importance! No less a person than Thomas Paine noted that freedom seldom been found in Africa or Asia. Ensure the preservation of the Anglo-Celtic peoples (Or Celto-Germanic if you prefer, different name, same people) and freedom and order will survive.  Should our race go extinct so also goes the concept of individual liberty and limited government. New Dawn strives for that perfect balance, what our Founding Fathers called the "Golden Means", between liberty and order, a product that is the exclusive commodity of the Germanic & Celtic peoples.

Monday, September 1, 2014


This is the style of Triskelion that New Dawn will use as its official symbol. Notice if you look closely it appears there are three drop like symbols revolving around the three arms in the center. Since our Triskelion will be gold on a red solar disc that would make the drop like symbols appear to be blood drops , thus denoting valor, sacrifice, zeal, and the quest to save our bloodline. I would point out this is not a Nazi symbol. In fact the U.S. department of transportation uses something similar. Among the Celts the Triskelion denoted the sun and the rebirth of light to the Northern latitudes after a cold and dark winter, hence New Dawn

The God Force, Evolution, and the Triskelion

I have never understood why the creator could not be the driving force of evolution in that he made each species and sub-species capable of change and adaption. New Dawn denies that evolution must of necessity be wedded to a godless universe which is impersonal and mechanistic in nature.  We believe in a God-Force that pervades the universe and all dimensions and imprints its very code on the universe and nature itself. It is this God-Force that has created life through the universe and all dimensions and aided their evolution.

This God-Force, this sentient energy, is extra-dimensional in nature and disembodied in its natural state. Its three in one essence is imprinted on the very fabric of the Cosmos.  Examples would include water, which is hydrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen, fire, which needs three essences to become one;namely heat, fuel, and air, and atoms which consists of a nucleus , electrons, and protons.

It is for this reason that New Dawn has chosen the triskelion as its symbol consisting of a red solar disc over which is superimposed a golden triskelion, on a blue background. It is symbolic of the God-Force in nature, which is three and yet one,a pinwheel of light and cosmic energy infusing our bodies with its divine essence, a promise of a New Dawn (red solar disc) and the return of a golden age (golden triskelion) for our people.