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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Vibrant and Enriching World of Street Harassment


This, ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for modern art. It was created by the American artist Paul McCarthy (Not the former Beatle) and was on display in Paris until vandals destroyed it. (Why do I think France is becoming more spiritually healthy than America what with the rise of the Front National and massive outpourings nationwide opposing Gay marriage. Compare that to the timid  American opposition  to both non-white immigration and Gay marriage) He calls it Tree and insists it is a representation of a Christmas tree.

I think , like most of modern art, it is an attack upon traditional morality and its only object is to inflame.
You be the judge of what it looks like!

Dear White People - Trailer #2

More anti-white bullsh*t from Hollywood! I also had a black female teacher in Race & Ethnic Relations in college who insisted that blacks cannot be racist because racism is associated with power and blacks have no power comparable to whites. Thus,she argued, what whites see as black racism is really a well justified criticism of the imbalance of power between whites and blacks. (This was before Cultural Marxists invented the term "White Privilege.")

Monday, October 27, 2014


He was born Warren Wilhelm, Jr.

His father was a former U.S. Army veteran who won a Purple Heart in World War II for losing a leg in the Pacific Theater.

In 1950 his father was fired from his job at the Commerce Department for "alleged" Communist sympathies. His mother was also "targeted."

His mother was of Italian-America ancestry but obviously not of the Fascist variety.

His father committed suicide when Warren was 18.

He went to Nicaragua in 1988 to help out the Marxist Sandinistas.

He worked at a health clinic in Marxist Nicaragua and was impressed with government run health facilities and liked the fact that doctors were paid a straight salary making equivalent to what teachers made in Nicaragua.

He worked in the campaign of David Dinkins who became New York City's first black mayor.

He met his wife an, African-American female and a self-proclaimed lesbian, while working in the Dinkins campaign.

He had two biracial children with said wife, one of which was a male with an Afro whom he took on the campaign trail with him to win the black vote.

He also worked as Hillary Clinton's campaign manager for the New York Senate race in 2000.

He later changed his name, dropped Warren for Bill, and adopted his mother's maiden name of de Blasio.

Today  you know him as the very liberal (Neo-Communist) mayor of New York City.

Just as Barrack Obama was raised by Communist white grandparents so also was de Blasio raised by Communistic parents. We can see the influence they had on both.

Its time we quit letting Neo-Communists hide behind the liberal label! I can promise you if there was a person posing as a conservative that had Nazi parents or grandparents and said individual had went Rhodesia to help the embattled white Rhodesians fight the black Communist guerrillas led by Robert Mugabe that person would not have been allowed to hide behind conservative labels when he returned to America, especially if he praised Apartheid in South Africa, as de Blasio did of Marxism in Nicaragua. The Liberal-Marxist media would have made his life a living hell and he would not have even be able to be elected dog catcher in the smallest town in America.

Thursday, October 23, 2014


One billion dollars is how much the stadium for the Dallas Cowboys cost in Arlington, Texas.You may be surprised to hear that the Cowboys franchise does not have to pay property taxes on said stadium thus depriving the city of Arlington of six million dollars per year. In many cases teams do not even pay for the building of their own stadiums but usually have the city issue stocks and bonds, or in some cases up the sales taxes.

To hell with that. That is Crony Capitalism in action. These teams are worth billions, let them pay for the building of their own stadiums, whereas in many cases these communities are often strapped for money. It will be a better day when white Americans wean themselves off their addition to spectator sports AKA virtual Negro worship.


What causes people to become transgendered?  One theory is that during the period in utero when hormones help shape gender an imbalance can occur that results in a male embryo having a feminized brain or vice-versa. However, many psychologists are convinced the problem is not biological in nature but psychological in origin.

The problem is that liberal democracy encourages this and adds the transgendered community to its arsenal as just another weapon in the fight against our people. Consider that in August of 2013 California enacted the nation's first law allowing transgendered children to pick whichever locker room they wish to use and whether to play on a girls or boys team.

In Miami-Dade County Christian conservatives defeated a proposal that would have prohibited discrimination against transgendered people. The law would have allowed men who consider themselves women to use the women's restroom, and women who considered themselves men to use the men's restroom.

I post this because the racial right is a strange, and often inconsistent, creature. They believe in the primacy of genetics and heredity as the dominant forces motivating humanity in all things, except when it comes to homosexuality, and now transgenderism, which they then insist is all a matter of choice and caused by environmental factors. This is the only time you will see the racial right embrace nurture over nature. Why the inconsistency? It seems to me it is more logical to ascribe that to a genetic basis and then, once we have our own Ethno-Nation, to search for the gene that causes homosexuality and transgenderism and eliminate it from the gene pool.

Rest assured once Gay marriage is legalized by the Supreme Court in all fifty states then the next issue they will tackle is that of transgendered rights. And then you will see separate bathrooms for males and females stuck down as a violation of the Constitutional rights for transgendered people. Doubt it not! Anything is possible in this insane and demonic nation we live in.

Christianity and Race

Thursday, October 9, 2014


 He was an ultra-Orthodox rabbi who lead Israel's Sephardic community who died in October 2013. Among other gems of wisdom he left us with were that Jews who died in the Holocaust were punished by God for their ancestral sins and that non-Jews were created only to serve Jews. Over 700,000 people attended his funeral in Israel wearing sackcloth and ashes and tearing their clothing a midst wailing and gashing of teeth.