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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I can promise you that if it was the other way around and it was an all white commercial the Judeo-liberal coalition would be foaming at the mouth having a hissy fit!


Feminists are demanding that Andrew Jackson be taken off the twenty dollar bill to be replaced with a female. So far 15 females are in the running but Harriet Tubman is in the lead. That way the lunatic left could kill two birds with one stone; have both a black and a female on American currency.

Andrew Jackson is hated by liberals because he owned slaves, (and therefore a white supremacist) relocated the Indians to Oklahoma( and therefore  was an Indian hater) opposed the national bank (and therefore an enemy of Unbridled Capitalists and their modern manifestation of globalism) and refused to abide by a Supreme Court decision ordering him to cease and desist in his relocation of Indians to Oklahoma.

Now here is where the lunatic left is ignorant of history. Andrew Jackson was probably the most valiant defender of women in all the presidency. One dare not say a word about his wife Rachel unless one wanted to face him in a duel. The eastern establishment hated his wife and suggested she was a former prostitute and a woman of loose morals. Likewise  Jackson resettled the Indians not just so whites could steal their land as the lunatic left alleges but if they had ever bothered to read the personal correspondences of Andrew Jackson they would have seen part of his motivation was his disgust at white renegade elements who would supply the Indian with alcohol and firearms  and take advantage of them in shady business dealings. He wanted them away from the corrupting influence of those white elements.

As regards Abolitionism it may shock some liberals to realize that a great many of the Abolitionists opposed slavery not because they were forerunners of modern day Democrats and liberals but because they did not want slavery expanding into the Western territories. They wanted to keep said territories all white. That is not exactly the motivation of a person who believes in racial equality and intermarriage.

                              One of the proposals for the new twenty dollar bill. Don't laugh! I'm sure it will happen in  time. After that comes MLK on some other denomination. And after that Hispanics and then Gays, Lesbians , bisexuals, or transgendered people will have to also be included in the name of fairness and equality. And thus do I suggest America change its name from the USA to the  ISA-the Insane States of America. Let name reflect reality~!


Is it not enough that America rams its toxic culture down the throats of our people but must it now insist on infecting the entire world?  Have you seen the new Miss Japan who will compete in the Miss Universe pageant?. She is biracial, her mother was Japanese her father was black, and I am  willing to bet an American solider.

                           As you can see Sub-Saharan genes are dominant over East -Asian genes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Historically, liberalism has despised  all forms of racial or nationalist sentiments, except in the case of non-whites, which they denounce as " Nativism." They now find themselves between a rock and a hard place as they know that under Sharia law homosexuals, atheists, and Communists would be put to death and they find themselves the unlikely partner with groups like the Front National in France. What upsets liberals the most about the prospect of living under Sharia law when Europe becomes Eurabia is the killing of homosexuals and the suppression of Feminism and the lack of separation between church and state.  They are most upset in France because Muslim females are allowed to wear headscarves in French universities  as they believe religious belief, any religious belief, is incompatible with free thought.

They believe that the university system invented secularism  and led the fight for truth by vanquishing the power of both state and church.  Their belief in the innate equality of mankind and the interchangeability of gender and humanity has blinded them to the fact that not all cultures are equal or as willing to embrace an ideology, as have liberals, which would diminish them as a people people and lead to their global dispossession and extinction. In that regard Islam is not the greatest threat, it is the ideology of liberalism that has allowed Islam to invade and flourish in Europe. Now they reap what they sow. Without a vibrant Christianity or a nationalist oriented state, both of which liberals rabidly opposed, who will save them?







While the West is celebrating the Godhood of Nelson Mandela and his victory over the evil white ruled South Africa we might want to take a few minutes and reflect upon what equality has wrought in South Africa. The new democratic, non-racial, South Africa has one of the highest crimes rates in the world. Car jacking is so bad that some owners have even installed flame throwers in the undercarriage of their vehicles to deter would be thieves in a way security alarms never could.

Rival bands of blacks run wild and kill white farmers and rape their daughters and wives while the West turns its head in silence and pretends as if such events never occurred. Indeed Johannesburg, South Africa now has one of the highest rates of forcible rape in the world. All of this has liberalism wrought and South Africa's is America's future if we don't regain control of our destiny in an Ethno-State of our own. There is no other way. The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

Vuyo Mvoko mugged in full view of SABC cameras

Wednesday, March 18, 2015



I know how that goes. I was subjected to that conversation in a college Race & Ethnic Relations class. Non-whites, my black female instructor explained, cannot be guilty of racism in any way because racism is caused by being in control of the power structure and blacks are not in control. Therefore what whites misconstrue as black racism is actually well justified reactions to actual white racism and oppression. I call this the white devil theory whereby whites can do no right even as people of color can do no wrong. This is what the left means when it wants to have a dialogue on race. It means whites will sit down and shut the f*ck up while Jews, white liberals, and non-whites will scream abuse at them and blame them for all the ills in society. Been there, heard that!

Since the owner of Starbucks is Jewish can we have a discussion on how Jews treat Palestinians in Israel instead?. If  you go to Starbucks and they hand you a cup with the words RACE TOGETHER on it and want you to comment on simply write # PANTS UP! DON'T LOOT!

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Get Your Head From Under Megyn Kelly's Dress

Planet Fitness and Transgender Women

Sunday, March 15, 2015


It is because white privilege is pervasive in society and whites do not even notice it. The most obvious perk is generational wealth. Whites have owned property and business for decades, and they pass that prosperity on to their kids. Those kids have a huge head start on black kids just by getting healthy food and educated parents. Young whites also have social capital in the form of family friends who can mentor them and give them insider tips on job openings."

"The economic policies of apartheid left blacks so poor that trying to make it now in post-apartheid South Africa is like running with lead weights on your feet. Its going to take more than two decades to mitigate centuries of economic structural inequality."

Those words were uttered by Verashni Pillay in the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian. That is what I call the white devil theory of history whereby whites can do no right even as people or color can do no wrong. It is probably the purest expression of the ideology of Cultural Marxism I have ever heard! One can almost see the hint of the Marxist solutions embedded in these two passages. Allow me to illustrate by taking certain passages and giving you the unsaid  references to what blacks must do according to the dictates of Cultural Marxism:

The obvious perk is generational wealth- in other words confiscate all white wealth!

Whites have owned property and businesses for decade- confiscate wealth and factories and distribute them to blacks!

They pass that prosperity on to their kids- we need estate taxes to confiscate all inherited wealth!

Whites get healthy food- redistribute food from whites to blacks and if the whites starve- too bad- shades of what Stalin did to the Ukrainian people.

Whites have educated parents- so  educated people must be enslaved to teach in black communities

Whites have social capital in the form of friends and family members- henceforth whites cannot assemble in groups of more than three, and families must be broken up, and none of these three must be friends or family members. Better yet kill all whites once they have been dispossessed to  keep them from interacting and thus developing even more social capital.

Remember Stalin was once asked by a fellow Communist and how to tell which of the prisoners they had captured were guilty or innocent. How do you tell if they were revolutionaries or counter-revolutionaries? Stalin answered that it was not necessary to interrogate the prisoners, all one had to was determine what class they were. Their social class would determine their guilt and was more important than what they did or did not do or any protestations of their innocence to the contrary. Varashni Pillay would have done Stalin proud!


He is Tom Steyer, a former hedge fund manger who has the distinction of giving 74 million to Democrats in last years midterm elections making him the largest individual donor on either side! Remember that next time liberals bitch about the Koch brothers contributing to conservative causes and undermining democracy and freedom. Let us not forget the Koch brothers are not conservative, they are librarians and support Gay marriage and marijuana legalization and open borders.


                 She is a native of Columbia and likes to fill furniture with concrete as part of her art. I would like to take this opportunity to share some of her art with you that is all the rage at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago.

Friday, March 13, 2015


Consider  his use of America power to topple Muammar-al-Qaddafi in Libya. Now the vacuum America foreign policy created has allowed Libya to become a haven for Al Qaeda and ISIS . The result was Benghazi and further terrorist attacks all through out the Middle East. What people may not realize is that Qaddafi had a treaty with Italy whereby he would capture Africans trying to flee into southern Europe and deport them back to their place or origin. Now, thanks to American incompetence, or possibly malevolence, not only has terrorism increased but Sub-Saharan Africans, Arabs, and Middle Easterners are now flooding into Europe since Qaddafi is not longer there to stop them. Way to go America!


The United Kingdom is experiencing a Muslim boom. We all know that Muhammad is now the most popular name among newborns born in London hospitals. But all over the UK Muslims are experiencing a baby boom while only making up only 4.8 % of the total population while their birthrate is 8.1 % This bodes ill for the future and explains why some people are calling Europe Eurabia because that is exactly what it will become if current trends continue. In Eurabia there will be no individual rights, everyone must live by strict Sharia law, and it will be a majority non-white, most North African and Middles Eastern, dominated nation.


All over Sweden a Holocaust survivor named Danuta Danielssson has becomes quite the rage when a photograph surfaced of her attacking a group of Neo-Nazis with nothing but her purse . She was much like Aunt Esther from Sanford & Son as she beat them over the head. Now anti-fascists (read Communists) all over Sweden are placing handbags on statues around town, a gesture of protest because of the unwillingness of  Vaxjo's cultural commission to erect a statute in her honor.

Sigh! Ok, I will be the devil's advocate one more.  What constitutes Nazism? Who gets to decide? Why Organized Jewry and the lunatic left, of course, and since Sweden is being flooding with non-white immigration one only has to check the rape stats in Sweden to understand why a popular revolt is brewing against continued non-white immigration and those who sponsor it. I know not whether the group she belted were actually swastika wearing National Socialists, or merely right wing populist Swedes sick to death of liberals and diversity, but to the Jewish mind any attempt on the part of whites to curtail diversity is equivalent to Nazism and leads straight to  the rebuilding of Auschwitz and racial genocide!

The logic (or lack thereof) is not allowed to work the other way. Whites, for example, cannot say the insistence of government mandated non-white diversity leads to white extinction or that  government fixation on enforced equality leads to the killing fields of Pol Pot, or to a Stalinist like extermination of Kulaks and Ukrainians or anybody who has more than his fellow man, or Mao's cultural revolution in which tens of millions of people were killed who were deemed a threat to officially mandated Communist equality. Indeed when I consider all the people that have died in man attempt to achieve an egalitarian utopia, by force if necessary, I can only observe that it far exceeds the number of people killed by National Socialism.  It is the belief in innate human equality, not racial superiority or genetics differences, that is indeed man's most dangerous myth!


 We have probably all heard the threat directed against the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minn. But if one where to listen to the media you would assume the terrorist threat is because it is the largest mall in the United States and a symbol of American freedom and progress and we all know the 911 terrorists attacked America because they hated our freedom and Constitution, at least according to former Present George W. Bush. The true reality is the presence of a large Somali community close to the mall that has links to various Al Qaeda linked groups. Isn't diversity wonderful!

Without diversity we could not have had Saudis enrolling in flight schools and learning how to pilot jets so they could crash them into large buildings. Nor would we have Mexican immigrants radically transforming the America Southwest.  We are going to embrace diversity if it kills us because the very idea is more important than our continued existence as a people. Get with the program folks!



Sunday, March 8, 2015


Allegedly some 17,000 females have undergone female circumcision in Great Britain and another 65,000 are at risk. Now, of course, what comes first to mind  is perky and cute white British school girls in their plaid school dresses somehow forced into the clutches of white male misogyny and forcibly held down and circumcised as they screamed in agony.

That, of course, is exactly the image the lunatic left wants you to have because anti-white racism is part of the whole Cultural Marxist ideology that drives feminism. If you were to realize that the true narrative is that these girls are anything but British, but are instead immigrants from the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa you may start to ask dangerous questions like why 82,000  non-white immigrants, most of them Muslims, are even in the United Kingdom in the first place.


A gas pipeline exploded last week outside a maternity hospital, killing a nurse and two newly born infants and wounding many more.  The company that owns the pipeline, Express Nieto, ranks number one nationally in the number of safety complaints. It is also a major government contractor that was able to avoid all safety inspections due to its government contacts.

This is a nation where drug cartels rule with impunity and corruption is endemic and a way of life. A nation where a day care center with repeated safety violations is allowed to remain open until it finally burns down and kills 50 children. A nation where the police turn over  21 college students to a drug cartel who are then slaughtered.

Make no mistake about it; with the blanket amnesty issued by Obama this mode of living will become the new norm in all areas which become majority Mestizos thanks to the malevolence of liberalism and the complicity of the United States government.


Neo-conservatives and their brain dead Republican followers are ecstatic over Benjamin Netanyahu's recent address before Congress whereby he advocates war against Iran with America providing the boots on the ground for said war so that Israel will not have to. Not mentioned, of course, was the antics of his wife Sara.  She has been accused of spending a fortune  on scented candles and alcohol and has a habit of packing her dirty clothes in her husband's suitcase so they can be dry cleaned in luxury hotels at government expense. She is also alleged to have taken thousands of empty bottles and pocketing the redeemed deposits even though none of the bottles belonged to her.


This is the concept whereby a white male cannot comment on any political or social issue on social media without first acknowledging his privileged status as a white person who has received unfair benefits from the system because of institutional racism that favor whites over non-whites. This in insane! Is it it any wonder why New Dawn refers to liberals as the lunatic left? This is a key component of Cultural Marxism straight from the Frankfurt Institute of Social Criticism! I also question the mental status, not to mention the masculinity, of any  white male who debases himself in such a manner. Their genes need to be removed from the gene pool so they do not pollute future generations with their capitulation, treason, and debasement!


The former Jewish head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is now on trial  in France for helping run a sex ring that procures prostitutes for France's business elites. One may recall Strauss-Kahn (What the hell is with hyphenated names for a guy anyway?) was accused in 2011 for raping a black hotel maid in a New York City hotel.  A prostitute questioned in the French investigation said that at a party she saw Strauss-Kahn on a mattress with seven naked women.


There is no doubt that Jewish Neo-Conservatives have captured the Republican Party in order to make the world safe for Zionism. Consider New Jersey governor Chris Christie.  in 2012 Christie and seven family members flew to Israel on the private jet of billionare casino owner Sheldon Adelson who is not only a devout Zionist but the number one Jewish donor to the Republican Party. Indeed he is the number one donor of all to which no gentile can compete financially as regards donations.

Christie's 30,000 hotel bill (how in the Hell can one run up a 30,000 hotel bill? It must involve a lot of room service!)  was picked up by the King of Jordon which tells me that the Zionists have bought him off to. The taxpayers of New Jersey also paid for his wife and two aides to travel to the Superbowl in New Orleans in 2013 with airfare and hotel expenses for three nights totaling 11,000!


Both Bill Gates and billionare Elon Musk and physicist Stephen Hawking are concerned about a robot uprising when computers are able to think for themselves and become self-autonomous.

Here is an idea; instead of worrying about science fiction based scenarios why not become concerned with the very real problem of the impending global extinction of the white race that is happening right before our very eyes! Such a scenario will have dire consequences on the world and either usher in a time of complete Chinese domination of the entire planet or the collapse of technology and social structures taking humanity (or at least the remaining non-white portion) back to the stone age. Unlike the imagined robot rebellion white extinction is happening now here and now and is already well advanced!


San Diego's Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute has successfully used human stem cells to grow new hair on laboratory rats. Scientist speculate we may be on the edge to finding a cure for male pattern baldness. Now if we can only overcome the superstitious dread of genetic engineering, stem cell research, and cloning on the part of the inert masses put there by the proponents of the belief in innate human equality we might actually make progress. Any challenge to the idea that all men might not be created equal and that there are innate genetic differences in people is always answered by the lunatic left by bringing up the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, and National Socialism. (As if tens of millions did not die in the Soviet Union in their quest to create a completely egalitarian society) People are so scared government might create a super race of genetically superior human beings who would dispossess us all. Meanwhile government is already financing a race of genetically substandard humans via welfare and food stamps who are dispossessing us, in addition to unleashing a wave of criminal violence and compounding the problem by excessive breeding.


By now you will have heard of the resignation of Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber over his finance's involvement in various schemes, one of which involved marrying an Ethiopian immigrant in exchange for 5000 dollars in 1997. The straw that broke the camel's back appears to be when the state Attorney General opened a criminal probe into the claim that Cylvia Hayes (Kitzhaber's fiancee) used her position to profit as a clean energy consultant for which she was paid 118,000 dollars. The problem for Miss Hayes is she did not report said earnings to the IRS. It that  wasn't bad enough the governor who replaced him, Kate Brown, made history by becoming the first openly bisexual Governor in the history of the United States.


According to the Census Bureau whites will reach minority status in 2050. However, there are those among us who claim that we may already be a minority as the government lists certain people as white (like George Zimmerman, the "White Hispanic") who by no stretch of the imagination should be considered white. Consider the following poster of the Texas Department of Justice and notice how many criminals are listed as white when it is obvious they are anything but! Now take away people like that from the Census stats and we may have already reached minority status!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mark Levin interviews Sue Payne * Feb. 26, 2015

It is official. Secret White House conference calls prove Obama's Amnesty is intended as race replacement with you, Mr. and Mrs white American, being the people who are replaced! Who will save us? Jonah Goldberg from the National Review or Niger Innis from the Tea Party? Or maybe the Constitution will save us?

It is time for our own Rebel  Alliance to fight our evil empire for this is nothing but government mandated genocide by assimilation!