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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Speaking of Argentina-and we should judging by this

    Northernkind females look good in sky blue! Not all South America is racially mixed or Mestizo!  Could Argentina be the last great white hope and  redoubt that white Americans could flee to?

A election poster from the United Kingdom

Now imagine if an American electoral poster had a organization called Operation White Vote!  As a counter-point examine these posters for the Front National in France. The Aryan mystique sales!

                                                  Or this Polish nationalist female

                                            Or this girl from the British Nationalist Party
                                           Or even an American white female nationalist

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

So You're About To Become A Minority

Proving once again that modern day liberalism contains a subterranean current of  virulent anti-white racism. Now it has broken through to the surface for all to see and became a veritable flood.

Somebody need to pay for my 15 kids

Monday, April 20, 2015



The Prime Minster of the United Kingdom with British school children, the President of the United States visiting West Africa and the President of Russian with his citizens.  

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


She is the latest thing in modern art. Ms. Huxtable is a transgendered person who went from male to female. She has made a full size  copper skinned version of herself and it opened to rave reviews at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art.

Also included in the same museum was a life size display of police mannequins with teletubby heads dressed out in full combat gear while a  video of Obama plays in the background saying  that change has  come to America.


So asks Mathew Yglesias of the In support of his contention he points out that if both sides (Democrats and Republicans) continue to play constitutional hardball and the president continues to use executive orders (as he did in granting blanket amnesty to tens of millions of Mexican immigrants) and Congress interferes with the president's foreign policy(By writing angry letters to nations Obama  is trying to sign treaties with warning said nations that Congress may not approve any treaty agreed to) it creates a system that can quickly disintegrate and possibly even turn violent.

Of course, white racial activists have warned for decades that America is unstable, unsustainable , irreparable, and non-viable. It will go the way of the Soviet Union and collapse but unlike the Soviet Union our collapse will be much worse. As Americans we have known no other identity than the United States, whereas before the Soviet Union there was Russia and after the Soviet Union they had Russia to fall back on and sustain them in a new political identity. We do not have that in America so we (Meaning white Americans) must create a new identity from scratch and therein is the rub. True nations are organic and cannot be created fully grown out of the brow of Zeus as was the case with Athena. What doomed the Soviet Union was that it was an artificial construct. America has turned into an artificial construct but was not always so. So called liberal democracy is merely the facade behind which Plutocracy rules as it endeavors to create a global plantation (what they call the Global Village)  and then impose it on the world. But now even the lemmings are beginning to hear the edifice cracking.


It seems as if the entire white Western world wants to follow the America way and become an integrated society. Take Ireland for example.  It is now faced with a sudden influx of immigrants but unlike the American model it is the Irish people, not the government, who is insisting on integrating them into every facet of Irish life. Did I mention the majority of these immigrants are non-white? The world looks  at the America model and sees a diverse society and immediately jumps to the wrong conclusion that it is this diverse society that is the secret of America's success. In reality they are the result of America's success, and not its cause, as what your are truly seeing is a dying nation being fed upon by maggots. So don't make the mistake that the maggot infestation is what made the animal so vibrant. Nay, it is emblematic of its death! The American way of life taken to its logical conclusion ends in white extinction!

It appears the Irish government has refused to spend any more money promoting integration since the 2008 financial crash.(As opposed to the American government that has opened the floodgates and granted blanket Amnesty via an illegal executive fiat) As a result the Irish people have taken up the task of teaching these people English and integrating them into society. I've always said I could cure the Catholic-Protestant divide that effects Northern  and Southern Ireland. Just build a few section eight housing projects all over Ireland, fill it with African-American ghetto style immigrants, and in a few decades watch Irish Catholics and Northern Irish Protestants unite and realize what divided them is petty in the face of the impending global extinction of the white race.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Beijing Welcomes You MV [pinyin] [eng sub]

Compare the healthy vision China used to showcase itself to the world with the sick and degenerate version that Coca-Cola used to showcase its vision of America at the Superbowl and tell me which nation and has a better chance at the future.

Coca-Cola Commercial: Coke Stands by Super Bowl "America the Beautiful" ...

Notice that the Coke official defending its commercial is Jewish! So why do we (especially Neo-Conservative Republicans) talk about the need to protect the Jewish state and accord it the God given right to be a Jewish state, and only a Jewish state, and yet white Americans are not allowed to have any racial identity!

Cheerios 2014 Game Day Ad | "Gracie"

Naturally 7 Honey Nut Cheerios Commercial

I would love to swat that honey bee down and see his guts splatter. Honey Nut Cheerios has to have the most anti-white commercials in America.

Controversial CHEERIOS commercial


Rush Limbaugh on Anti-White Pepsi Commercial

I am ADT

Because we all know white males commit most of the home invasions in the United States but luckily a strong black man is always there to protect weak and timid white families!

Racial Propaganda In Commercials: "Vibrant Blacks, Boring Dweeb Whites"

Anti White Aleve Commercial

John Tyndall - The White Problem

RIP. I am glad I got to hear him in person while he was alive. One of the best speakers on the necessity of white survival I have ever heard!

Sir Oswald Mosley on Globalisation

The most powerful and eloquent argument against Unbridled Capitalism and Globalism I have ever heard!

Friday, April 10, 2015


It appears the Jefferson concept has taken off once more. For those who do not know the proposal is for a new state to be formed out of Northern California and Southern Oregon in much the same way as West Virginia was allowed to secede from Virginia during the Civil War (Although the same Lincoln who allowed West Virginia to secede from Virginia is the same president who used force and violence to keep Southern states from seceding from the United States)

Now we know a lot of this is race based but you will find no mention of race and demography on their website despite the fact that Southern California is mostly urban, liberal, and Hispanic and Northern California is white, conservative, and rural. Check it out yourself. Here is the website;

Is it not curious that Thomas Jefferson envisioned a Pacific Republic  that would be a free nation allied with the United States and a major trade partner because he thought a nation stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific would too unwieldy and diverse to be governed effectively and hence would be a threat to freedom. And remember in Jefferson's day diversity meant different occupations and social status among whites and did not mean multiracial diversity! Add multiracial diversity to the mix and it does indeed become ungovernable!