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Friday, February 26, 2016


 A recent children's book about George Washington is apparently the personification of white racism and only a notch below Mein Kampf at least according to its critics on the Lunatic Left. It is a story about one of Washington's slaves, a house slave and chef named Hercules, who is happily shown making George Washington a birthday cake. Since all the slaves were smiling Scholastic had to pull the book from the market. Instead students must be taught about how cruel and oppressive George Washington was and how poor Hercules had to flee for his life from Mount Vernon to avoid its cruel taskmaster who was known to beat his slaves severely almost to the point of death.(At least according to the Lunatic left) That taskmaster, or course, is George Washington! The problem with the book that the Lunatic Left would rather you not know is that the book's editor and illustrator were both African-American.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


The David Duke Show 2/01/16


According to People Magazine 94% of studio executives are white males and over 50 years old. What a bastion of White Supremacy! My god no wonder they make so many movies that denigrate non-whites, Gays, and Jews and promote Christianity, traditional marriage, and white Anglo-Saxon culture! Are you freaking kidding me? Most of these so called whites are Jewish, probably Democrats, and fanatical Obama supporters and Trump haters. All that diversity they unleashed upon whites is now coming back and biting them in the ass! Hollywood is as kosher as a Bar Mitzvah!

You can tell a lot about Hollywood but who it hates and who it loves. The enemies are always whites, especially southern or German, or Catholic priests that molest children, or Protestants ministers that steal money and have affairs with their congregation members,usually underage teenage girls. Criminals are never non-white and heroes must always be feminist, Gay, Negroes, or non-whites. Under no circumstances must a Jew ever be shown in a negative light. If a movie is made about crooked actual Wall Street executives or hedge Fund managers who were Jewish then such crimes must be white washed by blaming it on Gentiles and if a movie is every made about such types (And there have been several) than the criminals must not have Jewish features. They must be portrayed by solid Anglo-Saxon/Aryan types. That also explains why movie after movie after move must be made about World War II and the Holocaust and how Jews suffered but never must a move be made about the evils of Communism or the murders of Stalin or his genocide against the Ukrainian people. There must be no rivals to the Holocaust. It is the central event of humanity and it must never be allowed to be forgotten. Communists must always be portrayed as idealistic, misunderstood types persecuted by evil  and bigoted fanatics. I am so glad the civil rights revolution they financed and supported is now turning on its masters.

WW3: Is Saudi Arabia About to Invade Syria?


Saudi Arabia is not friend of the United States. They have flooded the world with cheap oil to destroy the fracking industry in the United States as well as oil production in Russia. Saudi Arabia is a lot like Wal Mart. They both flood the world with their products, even if they lose money doing so, because they know they will bankrupt any competitor and once the competitor is no more prices will be raised drastically to cover their loses.

Here are some things about Saudi Arabia you may not know

  • They import 9 million immigrants to do the work that regular Saudis are to lazy to do
  • With a total population of 30 million 9 million immigrants is 30 % of the total population 
  • There is no income tax for citizens in Saudi Arabia and college is free
  • Each citizen also receives a check based on oil revenues (Now you see why they wont work)
  • They finance radical Islamic groups around the world, including ISIS And Al Qaeda, who, like Saudi Arabia, embrace their radical version of Sunni Islam
  • They make war not only on unbelievers but also practitioners of Shiite Islam.
  • All the 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia so in response American makes war on Iraq.(You figure that one out!)
But the million dollar question is how would the Arabs have developed this technology without white Western expertise and technology to discover the oil and then pump it out of the ground for them? If not for the power of the West Saudi Arabia would be nothing but a tribe of warring desert dwellers living a feudal life devoid of technology or modern conveniences.

Like Syrian Girl said why would you name a nation after a wealthy family? It is like America being renamed Bush, Clinton, or Kennedy.

Monday, February 22, 2016


I came across a brief mention of gang activity in Springdale, Arkansas that encouraged me to do a little research. Arkansas is really a bi-cultural state with the southern and eastern part being mostly agrarian and Democratic containing a heavy African-American component. North Arkansas, on the other hand, is majority white and Republican. One trend that has escalated over the past few decades is white flight from southern and eastern Arkansas to Northern Arkansas.( Northern Arkansas is what the liberal elite often sneeringly refer to as a "Whitopia"- a white utopia, a white flight destination)

Imagine my surprpse when I read  that Springdale is now marred by gang violence! What kind of gang violences exists in such a majority white area? The Aryan Brotherhood, the Nazi Lowriders,or the Peckerheads? Hardly! I was shocked when I did a little research to find out how many of thise areas are now Hispanic.

Springdale, Arkansas was once majority white, even overwhelmingly white, but now its white population has shrunk to 64.7 %(  I suspect it is even lower than that due to the fact the Census bureau and Federal government lists lighter skinned Hispanics as white-just go to your local post office and look at the most wanted posters and read how many are counted as white when any fool can see they are anything but-George Zimmerman comes to mind for some reason) In fact, the town is now 35.4 percent Hispanic and 22 percent "other" (meaning non-white, racially unidentifiable, racially mixed, or  ethnicities other than white or Hispanic) So add  then up up together and you see the problem.

Apparently the town now has annual anti-gang parades in which the Comparza More Lenses Unidos En Arkansas preforms. This years parade was in response to a gang fight at the local Scottish Inn and Suites. Something tells me said violence, which included a stabbing, was not done by people of Scottish ancestry.

Who is to blame for all this? UNBRIDLED CAPITALISM! More specifically a company called Tyson Foods which has imported Hispanics by the hundreds of thousands to work in its processing plants changing the whole demographic nature of entire communities. It is said that the school system in Rogers, Arkansas went from 95% white to 65% Hispanic, all within a ten year period. This is the free trade that Republicans like Marco Rubio loves. In fact, he was just in Little Rock  extolling the blessings of free trade.

I bet there are some angry people in North Arkansas who fled a majority non-white environment just to settle in and then watch the whole area slowly begin to transform into a Northern version of Mexico, as to opposed to the New Africa of the eastern and southern portions of Arkansas from which they fled.

 When Tibet is flooded with so many Chinese that it actually changes its demographic base (as Chinese begin to outnumber Tibetans in their own country) it is denounced as genocide the world over. When it happens to whites, thanks to the soulless and malevolent practitioners of Unbridled Capitalism, it is seen as economic progress and praised by government elites who always put short term profits over long term sustainability.

The Mexican dancers of Springdale.

Supreme Court - The Soft Tyranny Of Judicial Review

Monday, February 15, 2016


The Myme is a new device that clips to a collar and observes the world around you and sends the info to a blue tooth earpiece. For instance, one may pass a building and the Myme will feed you details of its history and construction or it may recognize people that pass use due to face recognition software and feed you a brief biography of them in addition to their names. This product is built by the Israeli firm Orcam. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016


A Spanish company has invented a new device called a Babypod which is a miniature speaker inserted into a pregnant woman's vagina to stimulate the fetus with music hopefully encouraging said infant to become musically inclined. (  I can't make this stuff up folks!)

Monday, February 8, 2016


 Only 4 % of all fatal shootings involved an unarmed black male and a white officer according to the National Review. Blacks are only 13% of the population but constitute a majority of those arrested for homicide and robbery.  In 3/4 of all police shootings the police were under attack or defending civilians.

Sunday, February 7, 2016


A new German version of Hitler's Mein Kampf has hit the German book stands and it is a runway best seller. So far production has not been able to keep up with demand. (One must understand that for years Mein Kampf was banned and merely having possession of a copy was a criminal offense) But yet something is not quite right. The original version of Hitler's book was 600 pages but the new version has expanded to 2000 pages with over 3,500 footnotes! Why is that? Because this is a "critical" version put together by a panel of German historians (read liberals and Jews) and every time the book makes a point Jews and liberals immediately add a footnote least the average German be lead astray and try to think for themselves. This is not strictly a German phenomena. Every time the President gives a speech rest assured it will be followed by newscasters telling us what he really meant and how to interpret what he said. The Judeo-liberal coalition claims to love democracy and consider themselves to be its foremost proponent. So what exactly are they afraid of ? Or maybe they only like democracy if its is liberal democracy but not actual folk democracy where people have actual control of the discourse instead of being told what to think by liberal and Jewish elites!

Friday, February 5, 2016


Andrew Carnegie was a steel magnate who gave millions of his own wealth to charity and yet refused to be charitable to his own workers. (unlike Henry Ford) They were required to work 12 hours a day, six days a week with only one holiday allowed. (The 4th of July) He believed that higher wages to his workers would be wasted on rich food, fancy clothing, and extravagant living (Which, of course, is exactly how he lived) which would ruin their character.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


She was the mayor of Temixco who campaigned on a promise to take on the drug cartels. The morning after her inauguration gunmen burst into her home and killed her. Three people,  one of whom is a minor, have beer arrested for the crime. So far nearly 100 mayors and 1000 municipal officials in Mexico have been killed by drug cartels sine 2006 when the government finally decided to deploy the military to fight the drug cartels, in part because so many local and state government officials were bought off by said cartels. Apparently not Moto!

Rest assured this will be America is a few decades when treasonous politicians like Marco Rubio and others finally are successful in  blanket amnesty and turning vast sections of the United States into an extension of Meso-America!