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Sunday, April 24, 2016


I give you the new liberal Prime Minister of Canada, one Justin Trudeau. His words illustrate to a tee what we mean by the Lunatic Left!


I have often used the terms the "Retarded Right" and the "Lunatic Left" to point out how utterly asinine and insane politics is in the United States. One ideology is truly a mental psychosis (That would be the Lunatic Left) and the other ideology is so clueless, incompetent, and naive as to qualify for political retardation. (That would be the Retarded Right)

A prime example of the Retarded Right in action was the recent comment of former Arkansas governor, and one time presidential contender, Mike Huckabee who praised the removal of a "racist liberal" (That would be Andrew Jackson) off the face of the 20 dollar bill to be replaced a "fierce gun toting Republican." (That would be Harriet Tubman.)

Do not be naive and assume that similar plans are not also in the works for the remaining bills. Proposals and plans have already been floated by the Lunatic Left about replacing all the current figures on the 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 dollars bills to more reflect America's wonderful diversity. How long till a multiracial transgendered person is given a prominent spot? Don't laugh! What was considered insane and beyond the pale decades ago is now mainstream in the U.S. of A! There are no limits to their psychosis!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


  1. Liberal Democracy is merely the facade behind which Plutocracy, and thus globalism, reigns supreme. 
  2. The contemporary United States is the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended.
  3. Race is not a social construct but instead society is a racial construct.
  4. America won the Cold War but lost the peace that followed to the forces of Cultural Marxism.
  5. The dominant ethic in academia and media is a form of Cultural Marxism masquerading as liberalism and political correctness.
  6. An organized and dedicated minority is always more powerful than a disorganized and dispirited majority. 
  7. Unbridled Capitalism and Communism are merely two sides of the same economic coin. The end point of both ideologies is the concentration of wealth in the hands of an elite group, either a party apparatus or a few mega-corporations.
  8. All life is political and politics is merely war by another method. Those who don't understand this concept end up being dominated by those who do.
  9. We believe in a transcendent and holistic ethno-nationalism that unites the social, cultural, economic, and political aspects of our people into one unitary and organic whole.
  10. Liberty and equality are antithetical in nature. Free men are not equal and equal men are not free. The more equality society has the less free it becomes.
  11. Human equality is an ideal, innate human inequality is a fact.
  12. Demography drives culture and determines what your nation will be.
  13. A people are not free if they are not sovereign and they are not sovereign if they have lost control of their destiny, and hence their future, to a deeply entrenched hostile elite. Such is the reality white people now face in the United States. They are no longer a sovereign people.
  14. Unbridled Capitalism, especially in its free trade infestation, drives globalism on the path to the world state and the New World Order.
  15. A nation ignores heredity and genetics at its own peril.
  16. The belief in innate human equality has been humanity's most dangerous ad deadliest myth in history without exception.
  17. Multiracial diversity is white genocide via assimilation and amalgamation.
  18. A smaller, more racially homogeneous, nation is always more stable and preferable to a large heterogeneous empire.
  19. Contemporary conservatism is merely yesterday's liberalism and is the kept opposition and manufactured dissent.
  20. Modern liberalism is more of a political psychosis than it is a legitimate political ideology.
  21. There are indeed innate biological differences between the sexes in terms of temperament, outlook, and behavior.  The idea that such roles are artificial and fluid did not originate in healthy minds.
  22. A nation that refuses to enforce its border will perish.
  23. It is impossible to have a viable social welfare system and open borders and unrestricted citizenship at the same time.It is a recipe for disaster. 
  24. There will always be elites who govern. The true question is whether these individuals govern for the good of the race or for their own private gain or foreign interests.
  25. Society cannot survive without a common creed. Too many discordant voices paralyze the will and destroy a nation.
  26. A nation that tries to be all things to all peoples ends up being nothing to nobody and earns the alienation and contempt of those original creative elements who originally gave it birth.
  27. True nations are bio-cultural entities. Thus true nationalism is a form of bio-politics in action.
  28. Only ethnic based nationalism constitutes legitimate nationalism. The only true nations are those that maintain their common ethnicity.
  29. Liberalism does to a nation what AIDS does to a body. A nation infected with liberalism will succumb to various forces that would pose only a minor threat to a healthy nation.
  30. Great nations have transcendent purposes and energizing principles.
  31. Man is not something that should be made equal but something that should be perfected by increasing the natural divergence among the various races of humanity.
  32. Divergence drives the wheels of evolution. That which is superior is that which survives. A healthy organism never sacrifices its own stock to curry favor with outside interests.
  33. Combining all the races of humanity into one unitary Afroeurasian monoethnicity (as globalists advocate) actually destroys true bio-diversity upon which evolution and human progress is dependent and hence is a form of racial genocide.
  34. Those who advocate the globalism assimilation of all the races of humanity are just as evil, and just as psychotic, as those demented individuals or groups who advocate the extermination of every race but their own. Both extremes are forms of genocide but while one is universally condemned, the other is widely advocated by the powers that be.
  35. All races, peoples, and ethnicities, have the right to self-determination. People will never be truly happy until they are in nations of their own ethnicity firmly in control of their own destiny. This is nature's way and can truly be called divinely ordained. Nations ( that is true bio-political Ethno-States) and races are ordained by God!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


The same could be said about non-white immigrants to the United States and Europe. If Chinese immigrants are bad for Tibet, which the whole world condemns as a form of Chinese imperialism and genocide via assimilation, then why do the same standards not apply to white nations?