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Monday, July 25, 2016

Hitler to white people: "Do you miss me yet?"

The title is very unfortunate and should be changed if they expect to receive wide publicity. But my God you don't know whether to be mad at the immigrants or the cowardly and treasonous whites who welcome them. I well understand now what is meant by Pathological Altruism! Whites certainly suffer from it!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


By now you have probably heard the term "Cuckservative" brandied about by the national media. It is a term created by the Alt Right (Alternative Right) in America that has gone viral. The Alt Right is different from the contemporary right in that its ideology is based on the writings of the Conservative Revolution and is primarily concerned with matters of race and culture whereas the mainstream right is solely about economics and the here and now. Perhaps Greg Johnson explained it best in his book Truth, Justice, & A Nice White Country. Since I have e-mailed the author and he has given me permission to quote at length this is not plagiarism.

"Because Republicans insist on playing a game that they, and white Americans, can only lose, the Alt Right slur "cuckservative" has struck a cord and gone viral "Cuckservative is a combination of "cuckold" and "conservative. (Pg. 51)

"The core of cuckoldry is a violation of one's genetic interests. When the cuckoo bird lays its eggs in another bird's nest, tricking them into incubating and feeding its young, it is advancing its genetic interests at the expense of the cuckolded birds. (The first act of a cuckoo chick is to murder the bird's real offspring.) When a man is cuckolded, he is tricked into caring for another man's children instead of his own.  The male horror of cuckoldry is older than the human race itself. If a widowed lioness has small cubs, a male lion will kill her cubs before he mates with her, rather than provide resources for another lion's offspring. Republicans are cuckservatives, because they are more interested in pursing the interests of non-whites than of their own white constituents." ( Pg. 51)

Now count the number of times conservatives talk about the necessity of having a color blind society and invoke the ghost of MLK when blacks don't play nice and blatantly work for their own racial interests in a way whites do not! That's a Cuckservative!

Count the number of times Conservatives  mention Israel, (it happened a lot in the Republican Convention) the need to protect Israel, to make Israel safe, to stand by Israel. Now ask yourself how many times they mentioned Germany, Great Britain, or Scandinavia and the need to stand by such a kindred people as they are being invaded by hostile non-white immigrants. The answer is ZERO! These are the same conservatives that supported black majority rule in both South Africa and Rhodesia and constantly defamed and vilified their fellow whites in South Africa and Rhodesia So, how has black majority rule worked out there? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we mean by Cuckservatives and why we despise them! A few names come to mind- Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, and so on too many to mention. By their fruits you shall know them.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Are you aware of the fact that the mothers of Treyon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner will all address the Democratic National Convention in order to keep the whole false narrative going whereby malevolent white cops deliberately go out of their way to harass, intimidate, and if necessary kill, law abiding black males? You ought to google the speakers lined up for the DNC. It's a veritable who's who in American degeneracy and cultural Marxism!



Monday, July 18, 2016


"Imagine American politics as a poker game. Each ethnic group has a place at the table and a certain number of chips, representing its collective wealth and power.  Whites have the largest stack.  But every group gets to play a wild card, "the race card," except for whites.  No matter how big our initial advantage may be, if we play by those rules, we will lose hand after hand, until we have surrendered our wealth, our power, our country, and any control we might have over our destiny-or we kick over the table and refuse to play a game rigged against us."
 (pg. 51)
Truth, Justice & a Nice White Country, By Greg Johnson.

Friday, July 15, 2016


"If the left calls Republicans "racists they obsequiously chose a black running mate, adopt a black child, or avow their belief in color blind individualism. "

"Whites have no collective interests, only collective guilt for the sufferings of the rest of humanity. Any hint of positive white self-awareness, much less organized white-interest politics, is stigmatized as racism, nativism, even National Socialism- and we know where that leads."

"But they will appeal nakedly to the crassest interests of blacks, mestizos (including outright invaders), and Jews-groups that persist in giving their votes to Democrats."

"Republicans will occasionally "dog whistle" -i.e. make vague coded references-to the racial interests and anxieties of whites-albeit merely to fleece them of votes, without any intentions of lowering themselves by actually doing anything." 

"By treating appeals to white ethnic interests as simply immoral, Republicans are, in short, playing by rules dictated by the Democrats." (Pg. 50)

Trust, Justice, & a NICE WHITE COUNTRY- By Greg Johnson

PS- Now you know what the media means when they say Donald Trump is "dog whistling." Somebody in the media is reading this book.


I happened to be listening to Coast To Coast AM last night (One of my guilty pleasures) and they had an Astrologer on who predicted Hillary will win the election by a very narrow margin and squeak by. Now I believe astrology is bunk but this particular Astrologer in question has successfully predicted the last four presidential elections. He sees much violence at the Republican convention but that by September a lot of the fear will dissipate ensuring Hillary's election. One wonders why fear dissipates in September a month before the election. If Black Lives Matter and ISIS and Al Qaeda is silent and inactive before the election that almost would lead one to believe they are manipulated by some type of secret government or globalist cabal. It will be fun to go back after the election and read this post again to see how many things he got right.

Thursday, July 14, 2016



" The fatal  flaw of the present consensus is that only white people have become so deracinated, and if abandoning racial consciousness is not reciprocated by other races, then it is akin to unilateral disarmament in the face of hostile, armed enemies.  That will not lead to a tolerant, multiracial utopia, but to civil war-hot or cold- in which selfish, race wise groups out to serve their own interests at the expense of one another and America as a whole will strip whites to the bone. If whites refuse to take our own side in this struggle, we will lose our wealth, our power, our culture, our country,  and ultimately our future as we deliver our destiny into the hands of people who hates us for our strengths and despise us for our weakness" Greg Johnson.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


* As regards the white birth rate being below the replacement level of 2.5 children and what a future White Republic could do about it.

" For example why not encourage  bright young women to have families before going to college by offering  a free college undergraduate degree to every mother of three children who stays home with them to the age of six?"