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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Greatest Generation

This is sure to offend and that is not my purpose but can you really deny in many respects America has become as they describe?

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Liberals in America have become increasingly unhinged in their hatred of Russia. This is indeed bizarre as they loved Russia back when it was part of the Soviet Union. Indeed  American liberals actively campaigned for Detente and peaceful coexistence when Communists ruled the roost in Russia. And therein is the rub. Liberals really miss the Soviet Union. The fact that Russia under  Vladimir Putin is becoming more nationalistic and the fact that Russians are returning to the Russian Orthodox Church in record numbers infuriates liberals! Its seems as if America is becoming more socialistic by the day whereas Russia is embracing nationalism.

Liberals, like their Soviet counterparts, really liked the idea of State ownership of all lands and factories as well as mandated equality imposed by the State and the suppression of nationalism, religion, and patriotism. Modern liberalism is sympathetic to Communism and like Communism they have an aversion to Christianity, nationalism, or any sort of populism among the people. The Soviet Union called such beliefs "Counter-revolutionary" and the non-party members who supported the ideals of Communism were known in the Soviet Union as "Progressives." Guess what liberals want to be known as now?

One of the foremost proponents of Trump being a puppet of Putin's Russia is none other than self-described "Progressive" Hillary Clinton! Word is she sends out at least four e-mails a week blaming Putin for her loss. That fact that she is a shrill unlikable bitch has not dawned upon her. Consequentially, Trump made a serious mistake when he reneged on his promise to prosecute her once he became president. I believe if I had the shady background that Hillary Clinton does and if Trump had let me off the hook I would keep my mouth shut and retreat into the background and thank whatever God I worship for my good fortune so I would not have to spend the remaining years of my life in prison. Instead, being the poisonous bitch she is she mouths off daily. So we say to Donald Trump; man up and prosecute that butch! It is only going to get worse if you do not. Fight back now before the system Impeaches you or finds some way to assassinate you and blame it on others. I can promise you some elements in the "Deep State" are already working on those plans.

I don't think Donald Trump realizes how serious and how toxic these people are. As JFK's death demonstrates it usually ends badly for presidents who take on the intelligence agencies. Presidents come and go but apparently the malevolent elite who truly rule America are now so deeply entrenched in the system that they are immune to periodic electoral cycles.  You have not seen anger and furor among red state America should they succeed in Impeaching or assassinating Donald Trump.

But, of course, no nation can exist without an intelligence agency. Let the American experience be a lesson to whatever nation arises out of the American collapse. Hopefully the American implosion will finally allow blue states and red states to come to a parting of ways. Let us hope that whatever nation forms out of the remaining majority white and politically conservative red states ( perhaps a Heartland Republic) will have the good sense to initiate controls on their intelligence agencies before it becomes a 5th column answerable to nobody but itself like the CIA has become.

We could almost build a healthy nation by doing the opposite of what the United States always insists on doing. The United States is, after all, the worlds largest open air political experiment and, like the Soviet Union before it, is heading towards fragmentation and political implosion. Let us at least discern the toxins that are destroying it so that said toxins do not take root and grow in our hypothetical, post-American, Heartland Republic. When ( it is no longer a matter of if,) America implodes then red states need to form their own nation and let blue state America do the same! Let us not forget that blue state America contains the Tri-Axis of evil that is instrumental in our people's destruction.  It is in blue state America that you will find the political, economic, and cultural forces that are hastening our extinction as a people; namely Washington DC, Wall Street, and Hollywood. Blue states are welcome to take those entities with them when they form their own nation. The Heartland will be better off without them!

If may be that the United States government, unlike the Soviet Union, will become demented in its death throes and use force to keep blue states and red states together, much like Lincoln did to the south. If that happens their vitriol will be directed against red states far more than it will against blue states. Should the Heartland Republic succeed in becoming a free and independent nation it may be that the remaining part of the blue states will form a rump portion of the United Sates and will agitate for invasion. Should that scenario come to pass we will have no shortage of allies to chose from because the United States has just about succeeded in pissing off most of the world's nations. The American revolution was won because we were allied with France as a counter-force against the Royal Navy. The Confederate States had no allies to counteract the Unites States. It may behoove the Heartland Republic to add Russia as an allied power.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Monoethnicity refers to the plans of Globalists whereby "racism" is ended by assimilating all the races of humanity into one coffee & cream colored planetary ethnicity. Afroeurasian seems to be the name of choice for this new blended race.

No less a publican than National Geographic projected various examples of what this future amalgamation of races will look like. One is plainly an Euro-Asian mix which may eventually be the face of Eastern Europe and Russia.  Another mixture relates to those nations with a substantial amount of Negro genes. ( I can't in good conscience use the term "African-American" as that implies everybody in Africa is black and that is clearly not the case as North Africa is majority Arabic)

Remember the policy of New Dawn in that regard; those who would advocate the assimilation of all the races of humanity into one planetary Afroeurasian monoethnicity are just as evil, and just as psychotic, as those demented individuals or groups which advocate the physical extermination of every race but their own. Both extremes are form of genocide and both extremes actually destroy true bio-diversity upon which human evolution is dependent which liberals claim to love. The difference is the first ideology is universally praised and advocated whereas the other is universally condemned.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Over fifty years ago, that is to say in March of 1965 to be exact, Patrick Moynihan (  then  Assistant Secretary of Labor under LBJ and later United States Senator from New York) warned that the breakdown of the black family would make poverty endemic which government programs would not be able to alleviate. He predicted a bleak future for black Americans in which the family unit collapsed with fatherless black youth caught up in a life of crime, drug abuse, and reckless sexual behavior. Liberals went ballistic (actually psychotic) and denounced his report as racist and demeaning to the black community despite the fact that Moynihan was a rabid liberal himself.

Today 71% of African-American children are born to single mothers compared to 53% of Hispanics and 36% of whites. Children with unmarried mothers are five times more likely to live in poverty and 40% less likely to graduate from high school.

What's to be done? Regardless of the cause, whether they are cultural, social, or genetic, it is beyond the powers or finances of the government to alleviate especially with a government running on deficient spending!  The future is bleak as both Hispanics and African-Americans have birthrates much higher than white Americans. The failure of the government to fix said problems will be proof positive to them of institutional racism!

More and more as I see the vitriol unleashed against Trump I began to realize that red state secession and the creation of a new and traditional American Republic may be the only solution left. I remember when white conservatives were upset with the election of Obama but we were told that he was our president whether we liked it not, to suck it up, as anything else would border on hatred and racism! And now these same tolerant liberals are screaming NOT MY PRESIDENT as they loot, pillage, burn, and threaten violence and revolution. By doing so they have lost their legitimacy( and that is a good thing!) and have demonstrated to the world just how hypocritical ( and psychotic) they are. The battle is joined! Both visions of America cannot co-exist as they are incompatible. Its time we realized that fact! You haven't seen the fury of red state Americans until the system deposes or assassinates Donald Trump.I truly fear for his life because before he even took office, knowing the system as I do, I predicted he would be impeached or killed.

So which is more important to you freedom or Union? I am reminded of a toast between Andrew Jackson and John C. Calhoun in the White House.  President Jackson knew Calhoun believed the idea of secession was a God-given right in as much as America was born of secession from Great Britain. Jackson attempted to way lay him by means of a toast. Consider the following exchange as they raised their glasses;

Andrew Jackson- To the Union! It must be preserved! To which Calhoun responded;

John C. Calhoun- To the Union, next to liberty, most dear!

Let me proclaim to the world that if I have to chose between freedom and my people's preservation or Union with the United States I choose freedom and preservation! No nation was ever intended to be an end in itself but a means to an end!

Make no mistake about it; anything you cannot leave voluntarily is either a toxic relationship, a criminal enterprise, a psychotic cult, or a tyrannical government! Just ask the South in that regard!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Either Way This Election Will Start a Revolution! | Trifecta

Some what dated but if they Impeach or assassinate Trump you have not seen the fury red states will unleash...and that is a good thing! Perhaps it will even lead to a serious red state secessionist movement!