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Friday, June 23, 2017


Modern Utopia considers it humane to prevent the birth of those who would suffer and fail

Reproduction is restricted to those who have shown merit and responsibility and are free of transmissible diseases and criminal tendencies

If those who do not qualify have children the State will seize the child and the couple will be responsible for all expenses in raising the child ( or children) but without any rights of custody. If you impregnate a second time or you have passed on possible  diseases or imbecility steps will be taken to ensure you and your partner never reproduce again.

The State pays the mother a wage to help raise her children and makes motherhood a profession and forbids individuals from employing married women or mothers with children.

Childbearing and rearing of children is no longer an individual concern but becomes a community concern.

It is the duty of the State to secure good births and good conditions and ensure that marriage should not be taken lightly because all the community has an interest in raising healthy and productive citizens.

Women must be at least 21 and men at least 26 or 27 before marriage is permitted.

Those who communicate their desire to marry must undergo mandatory background and genetic testing.

A child is viewed by the State as the future of the species and the State becomes involved as the guardian of interests beyond the individual family.

If a wife is unfaithful and produces a child that is not her husband's the marriage is terminated.

A childless marriage expires after so many years allowing the wife and husband to find another mate.

Group marriage or polygamy is allowed as long as they produce offspring and pass all the prerequisite tests. Couplings  just for the sake of sex and promiscutity without children are forbidden.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

FAMILY VALUES: Putin Awards Large Families With The Order Of Parental Glory


So how does Modern Utopia- that is to say the World State- deal with crime and other dysfunctional  behavior?

 Modern Utopia boldly proclaims that every human being shall live in a state of reasonable physical and mental comfort without the reproduction of inferior types.(In other words not everyone is allowed to have children)

The better  sort of people, so far as they can be distinguished, must have the fullest freedom of public service and the fullest opportunity of parentage. And it must be open to every man to prove himself worthy of ascendency. ( So some form of meritocracy open to all, or at least those allowed to reproduce, with no limits on the amount of children the elite- what Brave New World called the World Controllers- may have)

Some people, Modern Utopia admits, must be in the descendant stage, the rest of humanity must be engaged in eliminating  them; there is no escaping from that and conversely the people of exceptional quality must be ascendent. There is no organized extermination program in Modern Utopia but some people are not allowed to have children so in time that particular strain will disappear.

 Modern Utopia mandates that every citizen must be properly housed, well nourished and in good health, reasonably clean and clothed.

In Modern Utopia 7 misdemeanors equals a felony and three felonies equals exile. There is no capital punishment in Modern Utopia. The government prides itself on being as merciful and deliberate as it is powerful and decisive.

First offenders and all those under 25 will receive remedial treatment and defective citizens will be schooled. I suppose this means being taught a marketable skill or receiving counseling or rehabilitation.

There is no death penalty in Modern Utopia. Extreme crimes result in exile to a particular island- I suppose that is their version of Alcatraz.

Increases and decreases in population are powers delegated only to Modern Utopia- by which they mean the World State-They decide which human strains should be subsidized and which human strains should be suppressed as regards births

The underlying assumption of Modern Utopia is that Classical Liberalism was wrong to assume big government was necessarily bad government or the idea that the more powerful the government was the worst it was for the individual. But,Modern Utopia argues, let us consider the fact that government is not necessary bad and the individual is not always virtuous.

As you may have noticed Modern Utopia is a somewhat benevolent form of Globalism unlike the type that has a vise grip on the United States and Europe whereby they want to eliminate the native European or white stock and replace them with non-whites. They want diversity to keep society divided so they can exploit the natural divisions in humanity as a way to maintain their power. Divide and conquer in other words. Unlike Modern Utopia they do not subsidize the superior and curtail the inferior but instead penalize the predictive and elevate the parasitic!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


The novel revolves around two Englishmen who during a trip to the Swiss Alps find themselves mysteriously transported to a habitable planet around the star Sirius which is an exact duplicate of Earth with the exact same plants, animals, and continents except for that fact that this planet has achieved political and social perfection by virtue of a benevolent world government.

The two English tourists are obviously supposed to represent H.G Wells and his friend Graham Wallas who was a professor in political science at the London School of Economics. Indeed Wallas and Wells did make a trip to the Swiss Alps together in 1903.

No explanation as to how they were transported light years across the universe in an instant and yet the scenery on the planet stayed the same but the people and buildings had changed. Wells( or the character who represented Wells to be more exact) realized something was wrong  when he could not find  familiar constellations in the night sky, more specifically Orion or Ursa Major. (The Big Dipper)

A Modern Utopia is not really a science fiction novel but really a novel to expound upon a political philosophy using  science fiction as a medium of instruction. Modern Utopia contains all the following features;
1. A universal language
2. An exact duplicate of all people on earth
3. Private ownership of houses is allowed but the amount of land you are allowed for your house is regulated and taxed especially if you go over the required limit.
4. The money system is based on units of 12, not 10 as it is on earth.
5. The currency features Isaac Newton  on gold coins usually referred as as "a lion" and on the flip side is the goddess of peace riding with a child on a horse and behind them are pictured stars and an hourglass half full.
6. The World State owns all highways, railroads, hotels, and communications whereas energy, such as water, coal, or electricity are operated by local cooperatives with a portion of the power generated earmarked for the exclusive use of the World State.
7. The World State owns all land and leases it out locally.

The responsibilities and jurisdiction of the World State include all of the following;
A. Maintaining order
B. Maintaining roads
C. Administering justice
D. Maintaining cheap and reliable transportation
E. Assigns labor and work projects according to need
F. Pays for all healthy births
G. Maintains the public health
H. Coins and issues all currency
I. Subsidizes all scientific research
J. Finances that which benefits only the community at large and not private individuals
K. Subsidises authors and publications
L. People are allowed to own their own clothing, jewelry, tools, books, art, and weapons
M. All that is bought, acquired,or made by an individual will be his to lend, keep, or sale and is free from taxation. Such items are allowed to be passed on to descendents  as are any finances they may have with certain specifications ( see plank P)
N. Subsidize people in old age and infirmity
O.The World State owns all lands but leases it out to companies or individuals but said lease cannot exceed 50 years.
P. all inheritances not set aside for educational purposes for children will lapse to the World State.

* Remember some of these planks listed above turn up again and again in our modern era among people who also want world government. Now you know the source!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

The USS Liberty Attack In A Nutshell

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the attack by the Israelis upon the USS Liberty. They hoped to sink it and blame the Egyptians so America would join Israel in fighting the Six Day War against the Arab coalition arrayed against her..

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Probably one of the earliest advocates of a World State- that is to say one world government- is none other than science fiction writer HG Wells. He is what was known as a Fabian Socialist and had a soft spot for Communism.(Although he hated Adolf Hitler and National Socialism) Indeed he even went to the USSR to do an in depth interview with Joseph Stalin which can still be found in some corners of the internet. Have you noticed you cannot find any of his books that promoted his one world philosophy? You can find all the rest of his books at mainstream book stores but never A Modern Utopia or The Shape of Things to Come or The New World Order. Apparently Wells is the one who invented that term a long time before President Bush (Bush the Elder) begin using it in speeches. If you hear a Globalist speak they often quote Well's directly although the people are not aware of this. In posts to come I intend to enlighten you as regards these rather obscure, but oh so influential, books.