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Wednesday, November 29, 2017


By now you may have heard about a vicious anti-white editorial that appeared in the student newspaper at Texas State University by Ruby Martinez entitled Your DNA is an abomination! If you are not aware of the situation I have posted pictures below.

New Dawn has always contended that the dominant institutions in the United States ( media, academia, popular culture, politics) is becoming viciously anti-white! You really will not understand what is going on in America unless you understand the concept of Cultural Marxism devised by a  Marxist think-tank at the University of Frankfurt in Germany. When Hitler attained power he expelled them from Germany and they moved to Columbia university. The basic idea ( and this is a gross simplification) is that the concept of Class Struggle had to be ditched because it was ineffective and that the way to a Communist State was to infiltrate American institutions. The enemy  was no longer the Bourgeois but instead was the white heterosexual family. Attack heterosexuality (AKA champion Gay rights) attack whites as a distinct people (which this articles does) and attack the father figure. (Demonize Patriarchy and idolize feminism and Matriarchy) Most of the proponents of the Frankfurt Institute were Jews. By coming to America they avoided the Holocaust. To show their appreciation they concocted a political poison to dissolve traditional America, that is to say white conservative Gentile America!

Monday, November 20, 2017


Just when you think the United States cannot be anymore insane than it already is come news that the United States Mint has coined a Black Miss Liberty!

Friday, November 17, 2017


Will there be a better day and a better way?
Shall extinction be our fate?
Or will we be saved by an Ethno-State?

When that day shall come, what shall be the signs?
Tell us the truth of God's own design!

Know that when reservation becomes preservation then love of race will become our redeeming grace thus birthing a nation of light among democratic blight where honor becomes our glory in a never ending story.

Enter  now our nation and behold it's divine creation.
That race and nation are ordained of God let no man negate, for it is God's plan to propagate.
Love of race is God's timely plan to reinstate Adamic man.