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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Many of us have started calling the globalist elites who rule over us the "Lunatic Left" due to their malevolence and political psychosis. The following post by an openly Gay Anglican cleric is a case in point. Many of us are so inured against the system that rules over us that we think there is nothing the Lunatic Left can do that can shock us now. You may want to moderate that position. And I quote directly from news sources:

The Very Rev. Kelvin Holdsworth, an Anglican cleric and gay-right campaigner, is  urging people to pray that Prince George-age 4, and third in line to the British throne-will advance the cause of same-sex marriage by finding the love "Of a fine young gentleman" when he grows up.

Did you catch that? A Christian priest is praying that a four year old will turn gay and have anal and oral sex with other men as he gets older. That is admittedly a crude way of putting it but that is the bottom line of what he is advocating!  Did he somehow miss in seminary all the Biblical prohibitions both in the Old AND New Testament about homosexuality?

Monday, December 4, 2017


And your DNA has a substantial Aztec component which explains why Mexico and Mexican drug cartels are so violent! The good ole Aztecs who specialized in warfare in order to sacrifice their captives to the gods and then eating parts of their body afterwards.
Can you imagine the absolute hell the media would raise if somebody advocated destroying a black community because they disapproved of how they voted!